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Nikon D750 review - initial thoughts and real-world footage - ladies and gentleman we have a contender!

Andrew Reid

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Already have it in Canon mount. Damned annoying.   Situation would be a lot more simple if Canon would just give us a body that was actually better than the last one for video. After 3 years you'd k

No filtration, it was slow-mo so needed the higher shutter speed anyway and wanted to shoot it pure to gauge what the camera was doing.

Sure. Hopefully by Wednesday I can put them.

Just began reading this thread - does this continually AF in video mode, and if so, how does that compare with the 70d (not IQ wise obviously).



Might have to ditch the 5d3 + Canon glass and flip over to the dark side.  Why can't Canon release a FF camera with 60p video and a flippy screen?

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C-AF in video is not the D750's strong point. The 70D is still much faster.


Can I do a "push" to focus while recording?  Like AF-On?  Just be nice to be able to do that.  I don't think Nikon has any lenses that are like Canon's STM models - even if it won't quickly follow a subject around I'd like it to have some limited AF ability.  Manual focus gets harder when you get older...:)

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Great review Andrew!

Question for you (and others who have handled this body): you touch on the build quality briefly, but I'm wondering - is it better feeling than the D610? I find my D610 to feel quite plasticky, especially on the front panel, which occasionally squeaks if I'm holding it awkwardly. I can see in the product images that the panel is redesigned on the 750, and I know the monocoque construction is new, but does it, for lack of a better way to put it, "inspire confidence"?

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