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Nikon D750 review - initial thoughts and real-world footage - ladies and gentleman we have a contender!

Andrew Reid

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Already have it in Canon mount. Damned annoying.   Situation would be a lot more simple if Canon would just give us a body that was actually better than the last one for video. After 3 years you'd k

No filtration, it was slow-mo so needed the higher shutter speed anyway and wanted to shoot it pure to gauge what the camera was doing.

Sure. Hopefully by Wednesday I can put them.

It seems that this really is the best stills/video hybrid on the market right now. Just found a great review from England No.1 Wedding Photographer Ross Harvey: http://www.rossharvey.com/reviews/nikon-d750-review

He says that he will use D3s as a backup body for stills from now on.


EDIT: Btw Andrew, it would be nice to see some anamorphic footage from D750 if possible.

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Thank you for the review. I shoot 5d mark iii raw and becoming conflicted with its limitations and headaches, but love the image quailty and color so much. The video of the nikon D750 is the first dslr I've seen that made me intrested in switching back to a none RAW hacked camera. I would really appreciate it if in your part 2 if you did a comparison with the 5d mark III raw.

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I downloaded the manual and read it last night and I have to say, I am out. I shoot a lot of long interviews and was looking forward to pairing the D750 with the Ninja Blade to do so until I read in the manual that during video shooting, the camera can only shoot a maximum of 20 minutes in 1080 23.98 mode and that at the end of the 20 minute take, there will be a :30 countdown warning and once the take ends, the mirror will come back down and output to the Ninja would presumably cease. I also saw that there is a warning for sensor overheating and that it may come on during long takes. If it does, power the camera down and let it cool off.

Does not sound practical to shoot 90 minute interviews. I am sad, I was really close to buying the D750 but I will have to spend twice as much to get the C100, a video camera.

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Oh my goodness wow, once you see it... it can't be unseen! I'm amazed that something like that (the blue being over exposed and clipping) is allowed and regarded as acceptable on such an expensive camera as the Sony F55. 



And that footage is quite well shot, too. :/


As I mentioned, there's a new variant of SLOG 3 that fixes this issue and which can be loaded onto the F5 and F55. It's really nice and should look great on the FS7, too. But it definitely was one of many things that turned me off the F5. I wanted to like that camera much more than I found I did.


Some people prefer the punchy colors, but I don't. It's not an intentional DR thing as suggested below, Sony is just behind with their color. It took Canon until Wide DR to get it right in the C300, but Canon has all along had the best skin tones. The Alexa has the best color response overall. The Dragon appears to be a huge step forward for Red; the Epic MX was poor.

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I have ask him to put it on vimeo, so we have a better idea of the quality in high ISO video. I think that at least until 6400 it is very good because these are really dark settings. Detail is preserve very well until the dark to very dark shadows. Some proper sample would give better idea because vimeo is mushing the images, but it looks very good.

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I was waiting for a new camera to sell my MK3 and the raw cards. Well, Nikon is offering something great but I've made my mind and bought an a7S.


The slog2 oversaturated blue highlight is a problem for sure depeding on the situation and I think is really important to ask sony a solution for that. Indeed Slog3 seems to manage it. So be it, just sent en email asking them about it. People should do it also. Couldn't be that complicated to port it to the aS7.


Other than that, the a7S is my camera of choice now for fast, low budget gigs. Just shot a small web content with just 3 small led lights on the streets and it was awesome! Could bump the iso so high and still work in F5.6. For a steadicam cam job it's priceless if you can't pay for an extra focus assistant. It just did the trick...


Also using filmconvert with the F55 slog2-sgamut with good results. I few more tweaks but it's getting there.

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I'm hesitant to purchase a Nikon DSLR for many of the same reasons that handcuff Canon.  While Nikon has made strides in image quality, it doesn't check enough boxes for me, and the lens mount can be limiting.


Of the contenders:


Lens mount adaptability: GH4, A7S, any mirrorless

EVF: any mirrorless

Extreme low-light: A7S

Internal 4k: GH4


5 axis IBIS: E-M1


These are the factors that matter to me, and a DSLR doesn't really cut the mustard anymore.

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I thought that too. The manual is 537 pages, I can't recall where I saw it but it said something about how output ceases and or mirror goes down at the end of a maximum length clip. That paired with language about the sensor overheating means a no go for me.

I would assume that "at the end of a maximum length clip" is the key here. Meaning, when recording a clip internally.

On Nikon D800 you can configure when the camera should automatically shut off when outputting over HDMI - or set the auto-shutoff to the setting off. When you do so, you can record as long as battery lasts to an external recorder.

It would surprise me if the D750 would behave differently over HDMI in this aspect.
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Dear Andrew,


is the D750 video quality better than the D810? or is at least the same?


i have a D800 and and i use it mainly to film weddings


now it's time for an upgrade and i'm hesitating between the D810 and the D750


the flip screen and the price of the d750 are very appealing, but i'm ready to pay more for a D810 if the movie quality is much better


what do you recommend?


Thank you




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