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  1. yeah man, I've found it, but it's a hassle only review the footage on the external monitor. The client and the director will be a little far from the camera... I don't know why I can't review it on both monitors. Simply dumb thing...
  2. That's the problem. When I plug the hmdi cable, it disables the option for monitor/viewfinder. I'm trying every single option, searching for something... No deal yet. EDIT: Actually found it, sort of. Just turn off HDMI info .Display inside the HDMI settings and the image appears on the external monitor. But there's a catch: you can't review the footage on both displays, only on the external display. Real bummer.
  3. Hi guys. It's my first shooting with this cam on a set, actually I'm still working with the MK3. I'm testing the camera and trying to use the camera monitor/EVF and a external HDMI monitor but that's no option for mirroring the image. Well, turns out that when I plug the cable, the image shows only on the external monitor disabling the evf and the internal monitor. I'm looking for something on the menu, but there's no info on mirroring so both can work. I need to send something to the director and without the external monitor, this camera is pretty useless to me. there's nothing on the manual regarding this issue. Anyone solved the problem? :( thanks!
  4. I was waiting for a new camera to sell my MK3 and the raw cards. Well, Nikon is offering something great but I've made my mind and bought an a7S. The slog2 oversaturated blue highlight is a problem for sure depeding on the situation and I think is really important to ask sony a solution for that. Indeed Slog3 seems to manage it. So be it, just sent en email asking them about it. People should do it also. Couldn't be that complicated to port it to the aS7. Other than that, the a7S is my camera of choice now for fast, low budget gigs. Just shot a small web content with just 3 small led lights on the streets and it was awesome! Could bump the iso so high and still work in F5.6. For a steadicam cam job it's priceless if you can't pay for an extra focus assistant. It just did the trick... Also using filmconvert with the F55 slog2-sgamut with good results. I few more tweaks but it's getting there.
  5. I'm still impressed how good RED MX still is. Worked with it and an EPIC last week and the image just blew me away. It's such a nice sensor. folks can use it for years yet. And also MKIII can achieve wonders in RAW mode. I think its colour calibration is just fantastic. Really top notch and also details on the images are awesome. BM cameras come close of course, but I don't know, that's something in raw coming from MKIII that's in another league.
  6.   Well, raw cameras like RED are used on daily shows as now the BMCC camera.RAW is intensive, yes. It's not for those who don't want to grade footage, but it goes beyond that. imagine having more, really more DR, using power masks and Keys to isolate or bring back blown highlights and really recorver the sunny sky... You can't do that properly even with a a C300 if not careful.   GH3 can't come close to a RAW camera...
  7. Image... MKII Raw lol... Yes.. They'll freak out! And of course guys developing that will laugh a lot. Canon deserves this for lying about tech specs and cripping so badly MKIII... "this is SPARTA!!!" lol
  8. U mad? of course not! lol they would instantly kill the C100... Even the C300 or the 1 DC.. why buy a C300 if you can buy at least 3 MKIII with a lot of CF cards???? and have a better image? lol
  9. If this comes in a crop mode to MKII, you know, 1920x1080... lol imagine that!! A camera from 2008 now doing raw! lol!!!!! This will be the most amazing thing in years to happen!!! A full kick muay thai style in canon's face! lol
  10.     It really depends where you live, people consider only US rentals, but in other places like Europe, South America, Asia, it can be hard to rent camera gear for a good price...   It's insane some prices. For example, you can rent a Red easily in LA, but try renting it in Spain or Brazil... It's expensive as hell and hard to find.
  11.   ummm... I don't know but it's heavy... At least a lot heavier than Redraw from REDMX on 42 compression mode. And I'm not using any rocket card. I guess this can be a lack of proper codec support on adobe side... But man, this is a fine cam! if they did such a good job on this one, I imagine what will come on a V2 of BMCC. Bright days ahead for indie film makers!
  12.   Never had a problem with my R1MX... Guess I'm lucky. lol   But seriously after a day of shooting I'm happy with the BMCC. I've seen folks talking highly about this cam and it deserves it! For me, it's not a red, but c'mon, it's really cheap for what it delivers.   My only complain is actually the cinemaDNG format. it's so damn heavy! They really should invest in some codec like redcode or cineform. It'll be hard to keep the storage ok. We backup all our raw footage and right now, for us cinemaDNG is not an option. We're teanscoding everything to cineform but not ideal.
  13. Cripple more than the C100? Ok... A canon 7D on a C100 body... Got it! lol
  14. We're testing the BMCC and the R1MX for an car advertising. The BMCC will be used on the car rig. From the first images coming from both cameras, It's safe to say you can mix footage with not much effort, but one thing I must say: You better prepare your pockets for Hard drives if you want the full potential of this cam. Man!! For us, it's better to work with red footage to keep the storage low. It's just massive how big the files are (pictures).   Our editor liked BMC footy, great DR! but it's had to edit without proxys... Red is a breeze compared. It's a good "$3000" camera, but you'll need hard drives, lots of them and a powerful machine to handle it or go proxy every time.   I'm a red user for some months, but BMCC is a great little gem. I still prefer the RED MX image, but it's big and clumsy. BMCC is small compared and it delivers a great image. It's a huge step for everyone coming from a DSLR. It's like jumping a canyon!    I'm curious what BM will do on the next versions of this camera in the future.
  15. Bought my BT R1MX for less than 10k complete package with 40hrs. 4.5K, 120fps 2k, Red color 3 now, great sharpness, good latitude... Ok It will not upgrade the sensor in the future, but neither the F3 or FS700... Just shot an ad with it... Hard to believe I can afford such equipment for that money...
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