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Ideas for the "Perfect Video Camera" - (fantasy?)


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mine would be a digital back with a monochrome sensor measuring 56mm x 56mm with 4000x4000 pixels all reading out into a clean 1080p signal at 24/25p 10bit prores files direct to a ssd.  multiple crop modes from 1:1 right to 2.2:1.  takes large sony batteries.  single 4k feed out of hdmi at 10 bit to feed a monitor/recorder.


i'd then place it on a rollei hy6 or hassy and be shooting 65mm with a camera system smaller than a fs700.  

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A sensor with a extremely high pixel density, where pixels have different sensitivities,more than 3 different color filters, and accept light from any angle.

This would give a very good color accuracy,resolution, dynamic range and it would return some of the look that has been lost due to deep sensors.

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Guest fe4a3f5e8381673ce80017d29a8375f1

This is my hope for a *real* camera within the next 5 years:

  • Super 35mm sensor
  • 1080p 10-bit 422 ProRes internal recording
  • GH4-esque body and interface
  • 5-axis IBIS
  • 13 stops DR
  • low light at least equal to 5DIII
  • Internal ND's
  • Good preamps
  • Under $3000

I'd happily sacrifice stills for the above to be possible.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

This has been going through my mind for quite sometime and I actually even made drawings of the perfect camera ergonomics, oddly in the end, it turned out looking very similar to the C300 body and grip, so let's just use that body (perfect handheld camcorder, not shoulder-mounted camera)

-The ultimate perfect camera for most people, tricky one, but lets see, it will have to have all future recording options, 4K and raw to internal media, like CFast cards, 4k and raw have to be there even if not used currently, coupled with a compressed version of 4K 10bit and 8bit, Compressed 1080p 10bit, and a nice MPEG 50mbits 1080p 8bit 4:2:2 for broadcast people. This way it covers everything from high end cinema to home movie shooting.
-It will also have to support high frame rates to at least 120p.

Oh I can't find much else, Canon already have the perfect camera just tied with the 8 bit 1080p format. Give it 10bit, and 4K and HFR with that lovely colours and ergonomics and it will dominate the world. The FS7 is pretty damn close if not there. (C500 is ergonomically impaired without the grip + external recorder required)

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My fantasy camera would not be constrained by optical or sensor limitations. It would capture all light waves (visible and invisible) and combine them into an exploding HDR video rainbow that would instantly create world peace and harmony. It would heal the sick, feed the poor...dispense ice cream and winning lottery tickets for all the poor children in this world.

Or an Alexa 65.

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Perfect camera would be:


a camera that designed to fit a new lens system that consists of small enough lenses with close to 0% chromatic aberrations , distorsions and other artifacts.

Lenses that focus silently at selectable speed .. the speed curve you can change your self.

lenses that are

-Weather proof

-shock proof

-made with light yet strong metal hulls say titanium

-12-20 aperture blades for near perfect bokeh balls.


camera body that has some kind of super resolution m34 sized 8K foveon sensor video sensor

and you can record at selectable 1-2000 FPS 8K, 4K, 2,5 K 1080p in either 16,14, 12 or 10 bit raw or

any of the availble codecs at the compression level you want.

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It's actually quite easy, but it's not simply a camera.


An MFT or DSLR with a sustained raw shooting rate of selectable and reliable 24, 25, and 30 fps would be just fine. Resolution about 16MP.


Add to this a post-production software capable of reading alle the raw frames, cropping (add stabilization & choose composition), grading and finally downsampling to 4k or 2k clips at 8-12bit greyscale depth as desired - that would be a perfect world!

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