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Pictured: Venerable 5D Mark II used on new Mad Max movie

Andrew Reid

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5D Mark II - Mad Max Fury Road

The old 5D Mark II has had an outing on the long-delayed new Mad Max movie as a "semi-disposable stunt camera". The DSLR was chosen as a proven work-horse crash-cam despite being released way back in 2008. Principal photography for the film completed in December 2012 but ended way over budget and recently underwent various re-shoots, pushing the release date from 2013 to May 2015.

The 5D Mark II is a very old model by 2014 standards but I'm actually not surprised it still gets some very nice work in the film industry. I'm working on updating my 5D Mark III raw shooter's guide with the intent to provide a version for 5D Mark II users and in the process discovered something very interesting about how the models compare...

Read the full article here
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It looks like most of those 5D's have the 24-105 L on them (or at least L-series zooms). I wonder if such a thing as "crash glass" ever gets referred to. 

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very small light rigs with no lens hoods or matte boxes - propper run and gun hand held stuff!!

it does look like the 24-105 L on the front

Well it works and is reliable its cheap and a known industry entity even if it is an 'old' camera .


the MKII does have a look to it even unhacked that alot of people like - there is life in the old dog yet.

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Yes I got a 5D Mk2 and it shoots Raw! A Shooters guide for the MK2 would be awesome, specially with ML Raw! It looks almost as good as my BMPCC and I can also shoot with the digital zoom x5 & x10 and their both pretty sharp too and it's full frame and all my EF Lenses fit with no fricken adapters! Won't do 1080p in Raw but gets close enough.

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