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EOSHD Filmic Compositions - New music service launching soon!

Andrew Reid

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I'm working with two musicians, Hauptman & Friendly in Berlin. They are composing sound tracks for filmmakers which you can license for your own work and avoid the dreaded Copyright Match on Vimeo.

Pricing will start at just $19.99. The cinematography reel I have edited above showcases some of my cinematography along with the score "Chains" written by Ofer Hauptman.

This is in the early stages... I'd love to hear your feedback about what you'd like to get from EOSHD Filmic Compositions and how you'd want to use it. We won't be going for quantity, but quality.Read the full article here
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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Needs a bigger post Andrew, explaining everything to avoid the headache of answering all the little small ones here, and also to give a more serious impression to the campaign for the outsiders ;)

Lovely idea. This will get a lot of attention if the quality of the music is up to the task.

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...which you can license for your own work and avoid the dreaded Copyright Match on Vimeo.


In fairness' sake, if one uses a licenced track from the Music Bed, Triple Scoop, etc, the video is not automatically going to get flagged and banned, is it. It's just a risk, because of the dodgy filtering system, which may or may not distribute false flags.


Other than that, so far so good, the soundtrack sounds interesting, and so does the project, so far.



These sound great.  I'm guessing $19.99 will be the fee for non-commercial use? What if your personal project ends up making you money?


The prices will start at 20 bucks. The price will be same for both videomakers and pedantic 'what if' people alike.  ;)

If you suspect your piece might make money later, buy a pricier, or another licence for another edit. Surely there's not much point in worrying about every possible scenario beforehand. Especially now, as he said,


This is in the early stages...


So be patient.  :)


Meanwhile, use the policies of the aforementioned royalty free music delivery services as a general guideline. When in doubt, ask the provider for a quote, or buy a pricier license. In this case, the money is going to support independent music makers (and EOSHD:) directly. Support your indie artists, people, be it a musician, filmmaker, graphical artist, app developer or whatever. That's us supporting each other.

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Hey Andrew... this sounds PERFECT timing actually.

Not sure if you've watched the Middle East official GH3 launch video I shot last year: 

This year Panasonic Middle East commissioned me to shoot another film for the GH4. I shot it, edited it and the only thing missing now is the music composition.

I thought it'd be a great idea to use your composer to score the music for it. His work sounds great from the video teaser you posted earlier and I'm sure he might be able to do something good with it. What do you think?

Looking froward to your reply



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