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Can Any Camera Do What This Cellphone Can? 8K and Moving Smoothly with the Camera with No Crop and No Gimbal


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8 hours ago, cookietub said:

The footage looks bloody fantastic! Thanks so much for posting! The only thing that bothers me is it appears to be excessively sharpened. Is there a way to turn down the sharpening in-camera (uh, phone)?


Also, I would love to see some 4K 60P footage.

I agree with you that the sharpening is quite visible. I see no way to lower it in the settings, even in Pro Video mode.

I may try some 4K 60P footage - the stabilization is available for that mode, but not 10bit (10bit is available for 4K 30p).

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14 hours ago, newfoundmass said:

It's also probably easier to do with a smaller sensor, right? 

Exactly. It is in part why GoPro Hero 10 in-camera stabilization is so much better than every other camera (except now the Samsung).

On DOF: any camera that limits what one can achieve artistically is problematical. So not being able to shoot shallow DOF clips is a real limitation. On the other hand, not being able to walk and shoot with a camera without accessories or a big loss of resolution is a limitation.

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Samsung NX1 offered D.I.S since 2015, (and never overheated, ever...still can't believe that noone can't match that architecture yet) is only logical to improve on D.I.S on a lot smaller sensor.

As of the whole concept, if someone is happy to create with a phone, then great. There are artistic/practical and technical ways to achieve great things with modern technology. There are options.

If they put 4-5 amazing 1" cameras on a phone, I may burn all my cameras and lenses (and poison with toxic fumes my neighbors to death probably!). 

I can do with a 16mm/32mm/55 and 100mm..but the same darn good optical quality each..

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Just to report: the 4K 60P from the Fold4 looks terrible - mushy and over-sharpened. The stabilization of course works great, and motion is good. But the IQ is so bad I will not post it in my channel.

I think the 4K is pixel binned from the big sensor. The 8K is not, and looks great. Just have to put up with the 24 fps.

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