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Shoot Film Stills?


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I just got back into film photography. Last month I did an Evil Dead inspired horror photo shoot. This is the first time I've done a conceptual photo shoot with a model. I resurrected my old 35mm Canon Rebel and bought a couple of lenses. This is shot with the Canon 28mm 1.8 (all wide open) on 35mm with Kodak Portra 800. I have some more horror themed photo shoots set up, and some pinup style shoots as well. I also recently got a Yashica Rookie TLR camera and some 120 film.
















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These horror pics are insane.

Just to keep this going. I shoot with an F2 and a F100 both Nikon in BW with Hp5 from a big roll or any Colour film I can find thst is cheap. I alternate between the two cameras and basically only use them when I am on vacation. 

@mercer because you asked about caffenol. Thats how I do it. It works pretty well and you can just dump it. you can also push two stops without much trouble depending on what you are after. 

Colour film has become crazy expensive and my fridge stock is nearly dried up. Apparently its because china is hardly doing the chemicals anymore or something. 14,-€ Colour film my ass...

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@hansel thanks for the reply and the caffenol info. Eventually, I'll look into it more. I am still shooting some stills and I went a little crazy with cameras, but I never spent a lot on any one camera. So far my favorites are the Nikon FM, Minolta SRT 201 and XD11, and the Yashica FX-3 Super 2000... which is just a joy to shoot with. I also have a Canon Rebel G which is kinda neat, with super fast AF. And an Olympus OM2N which is a marvel of mechanics, and a half dozen other ones... but I'll probably end up keeping only a few of them. I was going to sell almost everything and buy an FM3A, but I haven't decided yet.

I ended up shooting a dozen or so rolls before I sent any out to get processed/scanned. Here are a few of the ones that turned out okay...











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17 minutes ago, hansel said:

I kind of cool to be able to share/scan film. I only do it analogue so cant share it, hmmm. I should figger out a way to do photos of the negatives...

...My dad had some F lenses so I kind of stuck with it. 

Some people use their digital camera to "scan" negatives. If you go on the Moment website, or their YouTube channel, there are some articles/videos that explain the process. I think you can even use your phone.

Going with one camera and a few lenses is the smart thing to do, but I went through a vintage lens buying phase a few years back, so I had a few old lenses from most of the major manufacturers. I made a rule that I'd only buy a camera if I had a lens for it. Needless to say, I now have too many cameras and lenses. 

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Just a casual little 120 shoot with my Yashica Rookie and Ilford Delta 400. I've really fallen in love with the 6x6 square format.




Nailing focus at f3.5 with this camera is hard sometimes. I still kind alike the photo anyway.


FRaming with the ground glass is something I'm still getting used to. It bugs me that the guy's knee snd toe are framed out but otherwise I like the photo.




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About a year ago I found an old Olympus Pen EE in a box of junk. It's very cool as it does half frame and has the photocell (that powers it without any battery) surrounding the lens which makes it look pretty interesting. I've been shooting with Rollei Superpan 200 film. It's fine grained so makes up for the half frame. (Not that I'm avoiding grain or anything.)

It's fun to use. I find the lens is really good for half body portraits. Landscapes are fine (but a less interesting topic for me).

It's partly shooting on film and the cost of that which makes shooting with it somehow special. Also the look of it is a conversation piece when asking someone to pose.  The aperture and shutter speed are automatic, only the focus is manual (which I sometimes forget to set.)

When I first started using it I was intentionally shooting retro subject matters to go with the look but now I just shoot anything even if there is modern elements in the frame. It's part of the "look of today" I suppose. 

I always take a digital picture of the same thing when shooting with it. I suppose to have some instant gratification but also as a backup in case the film image didn't turn out or something. Also as a good comparison of the two mediums.

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