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Getting back in the game.


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I sold all my equipment some time ago as i tried to go with a more mobile approach but i now regret this decision. I only do familiy videos and private stuff so no paid gigs. I've owned diffrent cameras from panasonic in the past (gh2,gh3,lx100,gx85,g9 and so on) but i never been totally satisfied with the color from these except the gh2 with @Andrew Reid Pro Color hack back in the days. What i'm looking for is and easy to pickup run and gun camera that i dont have to color grade in post. 

  • Nice in camera colors.
  • Preferably IBIS (as i do most handheld)
  • Easy post workflow (so no raw i guess?)
  • Nice allround lens to pair it with.
  • Decent AF

I know there is alot of talent on this website so I would really appreciate som good advice from you guys!


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Fujifilm X-T4 + Fujifilm XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR
(perhaps pair it with a couple of primes too, if you've got the budget/time/space)

Alternatively instead of the 16-80mm F4, you could consider the more expensive Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8 (you'd gain speed, but lose reach. Or the Fuji XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4, which is the cheapest of the three but a different mix of compromises instead).

Panasonic S5, and Nikon Z6 are worth a look too. 

Even though you have already tried the Panasonic G9, it's got big firmware update in the past, and might be worth a second look again. 

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I second the Fujifilm cameras, they seem to put the most effort into their built-in colour profiles, although for home use most cameras these days create modern video-looking images so if that suits your tastes then you could get away with using the built-in profiles.

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If you don't need 10-bit files, take a look at the X-S10 too.

Coming from the m43 world, and amateur here too. Liking it a lot, much better than the midranges m43s (GX95, GX9, E-M10 MK III). 

Pros (albeit did not have much time to proper testing):
- Very good colors;
- Robust codec (8-bit 4k24 and 4kDCI with 200mbps data rate - the midrange m43 only goes to 100mbps);
- Good AF in video - not Sony or Canon levels, but miles ahead from the CDAFs m43 (never tested a E-M1 II/III or E-M5 MK III). Filming my little daughter and the AF is almost flawless (thing that was impossible with the 3 m43 cameras that I told);
- Punch-in focus DURING filming;
- Focus joystick;

- Lenses - the 18-55 f/2.8-4 is a gem. The little f2 primes are good, with VERY fast AF too.


- IBIS is good, better than Sony, but the m43 ones are better;

- Menus are kind of messy, almost Olympus levels;
- When you change ISO, all the display indicators disapear - hence, you can't change ISO while looking at the histogram (or I did not find how);
- No AF tracking in video;
- Some problems with Face/Eye AF in video - if 2 faces are visible in the focus area, the AF system will jump between them;
- Would like a little bigger LCD / EVF indicators (you have the option to make them become bigger, but it goes to the another extreme, too big and with few information);
- Would like to have the dual electronic level indicators always on - normally you only have the horizon level indicator, you could assign a button to toggle to a dual level indicator, but it disappear after touching any button.

In general, much better than the middle range m43 cameras . But I second the opinion to have a second look on the G9.

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Thanks for alle suggestions here!

I dont think i NEED 10 bit codec. I mostly just want an easy workflow without the need to colorgrade in post. I will look in to some of these cameras. thanks.

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