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  1. Thanks for alle suggestions here! I dont think i NEED 10 bit codec. I mostly just want an easy workflow without the need to colorgrade in post. I will look in to some of these cameras. thanks.
  2. I sold all my equipment some time ago as i tried to go with a more mobile approach but i now regret this decision. I only do familiy videos and private stuff so no paid gigs. I've owned diffrent cameras from panasonic in the past (gh2,gh3,lx100,gx85,g9 and so on) but i never been totally satisfied with the color from these except the gh2 with @Andrew Reid Pro Color hack back in the days. What i'm looking for is and easy to pickup run and gun camera that i dont have to color grade in post. Nice in camera colors. Preferably IBIS (as i do most handheld) Easy post workflow (so no raw i guess?) Nice allround lens to pair it with. Decent AF I know there is alot of talent on this website so I would really appreciate som good advice from you guys!
  3. Andrew, Can you tell us what your rig consist of please? Looks cool. Thank you.
  4. Nice shootout i found on youtube.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nECdBiu5Rrw
  5. Very nice!   What kind of equipment did you use? If you would be so kind to share. (lenses, filters, glidecams and so on.) 
  6. Hi!   Been looking in to getting a ND filter. But i'm not sure witch one to buy, been browsing around to look for reviews and stuff.   Been looking on the Tiffen variable filter, is it better with variable or not? It will be less work atleast with variable one. And will it vignet on the voigtlander?
  7. I just ordered the 17.5 mm. My first expensive lens investment.    Think i will be pretty pleased with the images it can deliver. Looking forward to test it on my GH2 =D
  8. Thanks guys! made his choice alot easier! :D   Think he´s leaning towards the GF3 beacuse of the size, he´s not a video geek, so quality alone wont be all for him.
  9. Hi!    Got a friend thats gonna buy himself a new videocamera, he has a budget on 350$ (yeah i know it's not much :p) and i was thinking maybe someone here knows of something good?   There are alot of cheap options out there, and he is not sure what to pick.   Appreciate any suggestion !
  10. Yeah, with the 17.5mm it will be a 52.2mm on the Pocket, if i got it right?   Maybe i will just save up for the 17.5mm then. Any concerns regarding this lens?    Maybe Andrew can enlighten me on what he thinks about the BMPCC. You think it will be the GH2 "killer" ?
  11. Hi!   I´m planning on buying a new lens to my GH2. I was planning on buying the 25mm Vöigthlander 0.95 prime, but now I'm not sure anymore. When the BMPCC is released this summer I'm planing to upgrade.   So the question is (with the 3x crop factor on the BMPCC) should I buy another lens? I´m open for suggestions. Maybe some c-mount lenses instead?    Please i need your advise on this decision. 
  12. Thanks for the reply!   I managed to put on the anamorphic lens in horizontal position, witch in term made my media scale wrong in FCPX. When i put lens on in right direction i got the scaling working.   Think i will try the stretch method too ;)   Thanks anyway
  13. Hi!    I wanted to try to learn to shoot with anamorphic lenses.    I have Andrew´s guide, but i´m not sure what to do in post with the footage?   I got a Sankor 16F attached with a clamp to a Canon 50mm 1.4 FD on a GH2.   Do i need to do anything on the camera before i start shooting? I use Final Cut Pro X in post, but im not sure how to handle the anamorphic footage?   Can any of you experts out there point me in the right direction?   Thanks.
  14. I used the 14-42 lens in most of the scenes. It was a pretty tight space in the room we filmed, so i could't get everything in the frame with the 50mm.
  15. Made a music video to my band.     https://vimeo.com/55679443   GH2 Vanilla hack   Panasonic Lumix 14-42 3.5-5.6 Canon 1.4 50mm FD  
  16. Nice shots :) Can you tell us some more about what equipment you used? (steadicam, lenses and so on) And what you did in post? Thanks !
  17. Ty! Think that is a little out of my price range for steadicam's but maybe.. Would just be nice to have a lens that has ois on it and decent quality for handheld shooting. Look's like i have  to live the 3.5 f aperture on the panasonic lenses:) Im currently reading Andrew's book about the gh2 maybe i pick up some tip's there.  8)
  18. Ok, thanks. I was just wondering how the crowd in here handles handheld filming with the gh2. It's not always possible to use a tripod/slider/steadicam. Just tought that it would be smoother with OIS on the lens, do the new X lens system have OIS on them? :)
  19. Does anyone have any suggestion at all?  :P  Or maybe you got some other solutions like steadicam for example.
  20. Hi! I want a lense with "image stabilization" but i'm not sure what to pick. The reason that i want "IS" is for handheld shooting, and easy "one lens on the go". I have some prime lenses form Canon with a adapter and they are great on tripod's and steadicam but if i want to have as little equipment as i can with me i think "IS" is needed. Been looking on the 14-42 and the 14-140 from panasonic but the aperture is pretty high 3.5 to 5. But that may be normal on those kind of lenses. Does anyone have any suggstions?
  21. I will look in to the 20mm pancake lens too then. I have no problem setting the aperture and focus manually, as i'm used to this when i was filming with my d90 as it has pretty basic film options. I think i will buy some FD lenses since they are pretty cheap on ebay :) Thanks for all the help :)
  22. I planning on using my camera for filming my family and some shots outside in the winter weather here in norway. Gonna film a lot of different stuff. i'v been looking on a 50mm FD Canon 1.4 on ebay. Found out that i needed a mount to fit those lenses.
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