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Sony A7S features external XLR audio connectivity, huge ISO sensitivity of 80,000

Andrew Reid

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Hey Sony.  You're sweet and all.  I just think we're in different places right now.  


I know you'll meet someone that'll love you for who you are, (*cough* high maintenance *cough*)  but I need a more down to earth camera to hang out with and accepts me for who am am and what I want.  I just need simple and easy 4K, you know?


Don't worry though, lots of fish in the sea.   


Call me again sometime.

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Low light performance and wider dr is more important to me than in-camera 4k, as the end image is still going to 1080p for me for the forseeable future, and the Atomos makes 4k an option as well. Shame this couldn't have been included in Andrew's recent low light shootout.

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The A7S example 4K video looked, really, really good. Perhaps it's helped by the full frame look and nice bokeh. I saw some noise on the drum in the temple, however the skintones and overall image quality looked better to me than the GH4 examples posted so far. The A7S material looks a lot like 5D3 RAW, with much cleaner, higher resolution!


Regarding 8-bit vs. 10-bit and real dynamic range: in my tests with 14-bit 5D3 raw vs. the 8-bit FS700, the FS700's ~14-stop sensor works better in high DR shots vs. the ~11-12 stop 5D3. A question is how does the internal 1080p look in the A7S vs. GH4 4k => 1080p in post.


For folks who have Canon EF lenses, all that's needed is a high quality (Metabones etc.) EF to E-mount adapter to get full frame. A Speedbooster gets the GH4 to S35 (full frame not possible). The 720p 120fps S35 crop on the A7S could be full frame with a Speedbooster.


A very interesting race between these two cameras: at the gate:



  • 4K resolution with internal recording
  • Higher bitrates
  • Higher resolution slomo
  • 10-bit 422 external 4K



  • Color and image processing
  • Low light performance
  • Full frame
  • DR especially with SLog2
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Well, cold mind this morning, and we've to admit that "4k output" is the devil's solution to get from the consumer as much as they can, because the future says 4k will be internal the camera.


So does not make much sense to take it, especially because next year will be there, with its 4k. 

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