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  1. Do what you want cause an idiot is free, you are an idiot!
  2. Can the improvement justify this discussion and the 'how to'? Thanks
  3. Come on, you had to expect this next logical question, after the 4k to 1080p resample. I know, 1080p is not four size of 720p. So let's start theory for poor 1080p-people like me who doesn't have money to get 4k. Today, DSLR shoot in 1080p in 60 fps if we are lucky, but it's enough or could it be. To get better colours, can we use the trick to resample in 720p, in a certain way? If it's a stupid question, sorry
  4. +1 for windows version It's not about gh4, it's how we say fuck to firmware limits on panasonic, canon, Nikon, etc
  5. Everywhere read about 4k 8 bit 4:2:0 = 1080p 10 bit 444. But i don't read HOW and how simple is this processing. Also, Andrew, you right 4k is a good 1080p, but a thing i've to say: does not have much sense to buy a 4k camera to use in 1080p. No way.
  6. Well, cold mind this morning, and we've to admit that "4k output" is the devil's solution to get from the consumer as much as they can, because the future says 4k will be internal the camera. So does not make much sense to take it, especially because next year will be there, with its 4k.
  7. Sony Specs here: http://www.sony.net/Products/di/en-us/products/vq5f/index.html It's a 4:2:0 sampling. That's the original Codec. Full hd. Output 4k: seems to be uncompressed and 4:2:2 8 bit
  8. What's the cheapest external 4k recorder? In 4k do we have this "First FF non pixel binned sensor"? Also, 8 bit only, how could it be in post? Well, you can adjust something before to shot, from the camera, but is it enough?
  9. Iso in movie mode: 200-102400. What else? An advanced (how much?) Full HD recording. Disappointed.
  10. It's a trap! Olympus will never do it. And you know what? Shoot 30p, fuck 24p, fuck Olympus (how wonderful ibis has).
  11. Would like to ask: is it true you can set iso up to 3200 max in video mode? Also, it is not clear if it has or not AA filter.. For lens i suggest: if you want a zoom there's the panny 14-140 also..
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