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Buying Camera in Cryptocurrency?


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4 hours ago, Hayk said:

maybe i have a lot of them, that's why

My question was deliberately ridiculous.

I asked it that way because your answer is obvious - that you want a camera more than you want the crypto you have that totals that value.  This is the basis for any exchange economy as division-of-labour and specialisation is the foundation of civilisation.

The fact you own crypto and know it's worth money sort of implies that you're aware that you can sell some for fiat currency and turn that into a camera via a normal store, but the way you worded your question indicates you don't want to go via a fiat currency, and also that you kind of wanted to hide that aspect of it, or at least not lead with it.

This has certain implications, most significantly:

  • Your question is actually "how can I buy a camera with crypto while bypassing the whole fiat currency system", and
  • begs the question of why you are so interested in bypassing it

I own some crypto myself, not a lot of it, but enough to be familiar with the waters, so to speak, and it's a rather strange and involved question, thus my deliberately ridiculous answer.

To actually go back to your question, I heard PayPal was implementing a feature that allowed you to pay a vendor in fiat currency but to pay PayPal in crypto, so if that's been rolled out already then you can use that mechanism to buy almost anything from almost anyone.

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On 4/18/2021 at 3:17 PM, Hayk said:

I am just curious, is there any websites which allow to purchase camera, lenses, video accessories in cryptocurrency? 

None that I know of.

What would be the advantages?

Crypto is for two things... Invest as a speculative long term hold... And for private untraceable transactions. Why do you need to secretly buy a camera? 🙂

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