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DJI RSC2 + Lumix LX100 - Sunday girl and boy.


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    • By Kubrickian
      Up for sale is a like-new DJI Ronin gimbal. (full-size, not the Ronin-M) Comes with two OEM batteries, original hard case, monitor mount, and an AerialPixels Thumbstick Controller. This gives you an actual tactile joystick and not a virtual button like the DJI thumbstick. 


      Asking $1400 OBO for local pickup in Los Angeles.

    • By Adi
      Hi everyone,
      I'm selling some of the gear I gathered in the last 2 years, everything is in excellent condition used only a few times while some items were never used. I have pictures for everything so if you're interested drop me a line and I'll share them with you. Some but not all are uploaded here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/40588624@N00/
      1. Marshall V-LCD71MD 3G 7" full HD monitor, excellent monitor with all the usual features (used on 2 shoots):  1600€
      2. Cinevate Atlas 30 slider with Manfrotto MVH502AH fluid head (used one time): 1100€
      3. Vocas shoulder rig with Zacuto Recoil handgrip kit (tornado + followfocus)+ an extra offset bracket + 3 x1kg Vocas weights, includes a pelicase (vocas used, zacuto recoil not used): 1500€ 
      4. DJI Phantom 2 V2 RTF Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal for GoPro, with 3 batteries, FPV monitor, extra set of props and props guard . This drone was modified by Kopterworks.com with rewired electronics, bunch of stuff for GPS and wireless transmission, it works very smooth with zero lag on the FVP monitor (used 2 times): 500€
      5. DJI Inspire 1 with 2 controllers, 3 extra batteries, second set of props and full set of 4 ND filters for the X3 camera (used one time): 1950€
      6. ACR-SYS (BeSteady) One Plus Expert Combo gimbal. I have 2 of these for sale including a hard peli case, they are basically new, I used them on two shoot days. This is a great gimbal for smaller to medium cameras, has a weight load limit of around 2.4kg. As I have tested a lot of gimbals including Movi M5 the BeSteady ones were the best in terms of stabilisation. Here are 2 tests I shot entirely on the gimbal with the Blackmagic 4k Production camera and no post stabilisation: https://vimeo.com/109260037/6ca7795cfc , https://vimeo.com/109163594/a8b4b65cb7   1800€ 
      7.  Easyrig Mini Strong, again I used this on 1 shoot, it's in excellent condition: 950€
      8. Aputure DEC Canon EF to SonyE mount adapter. This is a new item, never had a chance to use it: 370€
      9. Blackmagic 4k Production camera (EF mount) with Peli case plus a few accessories (dtap cables, v-mount batteries, and 4 240Gb SSD): 2100€ 
      10. Sachtler Ace M tripod (used one time): 450€
      11. Some cheap but good photo lenses in excellent condition (Canon EF mount): Tamron 10-24 (250€), Smayang 14mm (250€)  and Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro (290€)
    • By Oliver Daniel
      DJI GEAR FOR SALE - including the X5R Camera at a bargain price!
      Due to a change in business strategy, I no longer require my DJI gear.
      All items are in excellent condition.
      Items for sale are:
      DJI X5R Camera Package (Camera, 15mm lens, 512gb SSD, SSD reader, X5R hard case) £1980
      DJI Inspire 1 TB47 £100
      DJI Inspire 1 TB48 £120
      DJI Osmo Handle, Phone Holder, Battery Extender, Intelligent Battery, Charger, Base and bits: £150
      DJI Osmo X5 Adapter £60
      All of these items put together create a DJI Osmo RAW, which I can sell as a package too.
      I'm based in the UK and I own my own video company - Video Ink Ltd. 
      Payment through Paypal only. 
      Shipping included if you're from the UK!
      Please PM me if you're interested!

    • By Oliver Daniel
      FOR SALE - DJI OSMO RAW (X5R, Osmo + extras).
      The package contains:
      DJI X5R Camera
      DJI 15mm f1.7 Lens
      DJI Osmo Handle
      X5 Adapter
      2 x DJI Inspire 1 batteries (TB47 and 48)
      512GB SSD
      SSD Reader
      Battery Extender for Inspire batteries + Charger
      Intelligent battery + Charger
      Smartphone Holder
      X5R Hard Case
      It's in excellent condition. It runs nicely. There's only a very minor faint scratch on the gimbal.
      I'll even throw in a very small Anker USB Power Hub. It's ideal to charge your smartphone, if you strap it to the back of the phone holder.
      I'm looking to sell for £2700 - PM please if you want to buy.
      (Reason for sale is that I now use my Sony FS5 on a gimbal and no longer have an Inspire 1).
    • By shanebrutal
      Selling my lightly used LX100. Purchased it from digital rev so it is a PAL region camera. Non-region switchable so in 4k photo mode you can only use 25fps. 30fps/60fps not available. Has 24/25/4K and 50fps 1080. Also includes front cap, protection filter, case, strap, 2 Panasonic batteries, charger, detachable flash, usb cable, software/manual and box.

      Everything functions like normal. There is a hairline scratch on the LCD screen about 1" long. you can only see it in bright light though. Doesn't affect what you're seeing much at all. After that occurred I put a glass screen protector on it. Also, put a Panasonic MC protector filter on it from day 1. But somehow there is a dust spec under the front element. Doesn't effect image quality.

      Asking $475 shipped in the USA. But being this is a PAL camera I'll pay half the shipping to Europe/international as well.


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