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RJ jinfinance Focal Reducer

Pascal Garnier

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So my RJ M42toM4/3 adaptor arrived 30mins ago & all seems fine.

Slapped a few lenses on it - a couple of Super Taks (35 + 55) & a couple of Russains (Mir-24M + Helios 44-2).

Well as expected they get a lot wider & faster now on the BM Pocket.

Sharpness wideopen does have some roll off towards the edges, but this could be due to the lenses.

Stopped down a little & they do appear to be tack sharp.

No blue spot so far...


For the price all is good.

Sounds interesting... where can I order one?   I've got a ton of M42 glass I'd love to try out!

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Will it work ok if I use my vintage Lenses adapted to EF then on the Ef - M43 Reducer? You know 2 adapters? Should be fine shouldn't it? Save me buying an m42 reducer when all my older lenses have been adapted to EF anyway.



I am currently using a Nikon to EF adapter on my RJ EOS-to-M43. No problem at all. You have to make sure the adapter you are using is high quality though. One of my Nikon-EF adapters is a cheap one that has some give to it. On its own, it was good enough to use on a Canon body, but on another adapter, that give gets a little more exaggerated. You want the lenses to be tight. 


Sounds interesting... where can I order one?   I've got a ton of M42 glass I'd love to try out!


I'd buy from the source to make sure you are getting the most recent batch. 


I got mine from there. 

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I've send them a suggestion for a medium format focal reducer, I have totally failed to do one on my own (it has terrible aberrations, and only 0.6x reduction), I want to use my glass digitally without spending millions on MFDB


I have a Pentax 645 to Nikon F adapter, so then I can put my medium format glass on a speed booster :-) 

Only get a 0.71x of course, but is something! And waaaay cheaper than buying a Pentax 645Z! (though I'd love to own one)

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Am I correct in assuming the "jinfinance" seller on eBay and the rjcamera.com website are exactly one and the same person?
Thus if I purchased either of these two products I'd get exactly the same item:
If so, why is there the US$40 difference between the two of them??? :-/

And are the Sony E mount focal reducers just as high quality as his m4/3 focal reducers?
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