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Nanlite FS300 watt LED (bowens mount) 349$


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Just got mine in the mail. Ran it for an hour and have already disassembled it 😄 Fan swap is relatively easy, I might make a video on it when more parts come in, I tried a Noctua 120mm 7 or 900 r

Fan came today. Non scientific testing since I can't get access to the temperature sensor (without more tools). Fan replaced with Noctua NF-P12 Redux 1300 Temperature delta: apprx +2 degrees

Just did a quick recording test.  At 6ft away using C300D II as baseline, hyper cardiod mic pointed directly at front of fan. Gain to my voice set at -12dB (standing next to light). In post raise

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My two new FS300s came in yesterday. The build quality is quite good and the output will be plenty for most of my OMB work. If more light is needed, I'll rent or recommend budgeting for my regular gaffer and his 600Ds.

It's nice not to have a separate control box/ballast and it means that using the lights with smaller stands is possible.

Since the replacement Noctua fans are not here yet, I went to Lowe's and Home Depot to see if I could find a sensible carrying container for these. I tried every ruggedized bin and tool box they had. The best fit I was able to find was the Craftsman 23" tool box at Lowe's (see attached). A little foam cutout on the bottom and I think that these will work nicely. There should be plenty of room for an extension cord too.



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My FS300 arrived a few days ago and I've tested it out ahead of a shoot tomorrow - this thing is BRIGHT!

However, one thing I already dislike about it is that there doesn't seem to be any way to 'exit' the menu. So one little bump of the menu dial can turn on the SFX modes. Has anybody found a way to exit the menu so that the dial is not always 'hot' if that makes sense?

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Used it on a shoot for the first time today. I was slightly worried about the fan noise beforehand but didn't even notice it on set. Certainly not enough to make me want to perform surgery on it and if there is any hum in the recordings, it should be nothing that a bit of noise reduction can't fix.

I had a setup that was pretty much worst case scenario - a moderately wide shot looking out a window in to midday sun on a very bright day. It maxed out the FS300 but I was able to get a decent amount of wrap and fill on the subject. Lost the sky due to shooting in Rec709 (client request) but managed to keep most of the detail in the trees. I feel like if it had been log I could've saved the sky... maybe.

It's a lot of light output for the price!



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Clar 350 on sale for $399. Not sure about the fan noise on that one but looks like it could be a good alternative, I like the remote and the PSU looks ok.

But there's 3 fans and a fan in the PSU so... good luck if you want to change anything.

I'm sure next year there will be even better lights! But at these prices, fighting daylight has never been more accessible.

I put 4x 300w through a full grid, getting around 11.5-12EV. Finally can light against windows!

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16 hours ago, scotchtape said:

I'm sure next year there will be even better lights! But at these prices, fighting daylight has never been more accessible.

This is why I bought the Nanlite over an Aputure. Sure, with Aputure you might be paying for more brand recognition and longevity - but at the rate we're moving all these lights are going to be obsolete in a few years anyway.

I'd rather spend AUD $500 on something that breaks in two years, than $2000 on something that I can't even flog for half of that after that same two years. I think we're just seeing the beginning of affordable LED's, and in another couple of years we'll really be spoiled by choice.

Already there's 1200W fixture announced from Nanlite, and I'm sure a few others will be looking to compete in the same space soon too.

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