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Sony Overheats Too?


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Recalling previous posts where it was said that if a phone overheated while shooting basic 4k video it would be recalled. I would hope so too. But here we have sony's brand new Xperia 1 ii overheating after 5-7 minutes of 4k use in the so called "cinemapro" app and this guy is still recommending it to his users:

Here is a reddit post where other users have encountered the same problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/SonyXperia/comments/hglqnc/fyi_xperia_1_ii_overheats_and_shuts_down_cinema/

I understand that no one should buy a sony smartphone, and very few people will (thankfully), but I am curious to see what sony have said about it (if anything) before the release of the phone, seeing as this feature was touted as a distinguishing feature of the phone. Of course, it won't stop youtubers from recommending it either (see above). 

It is only a curious case because sony are basically non-existent in the smartphone game, but intriguing nonetheless as a case study in marketing and the tremendous work Andrew has done in pushing back against the Canon narrative (which otherwise might have been accepted and the issues washed over like in the case of this phone). In hindsight it is easy to say that this overheating issue would have been brought to the fore, but you will recall the first video from DPReview on the r6 where it was basically said that it was a non-issue. Their tune only changed after Andrew pushed the issue.  

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Meh, almost all of their FF mirrorless cameras are known for overheating, doesn't surprise me that their smartphones will too. 

18 hours ago, Yurolov said:

It is only a curious case because sony are basically non-existent in the smartphone game

They've been around a long time though, one of my earliest (non-Symbian) smartphones was a Sony!

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I have the Xperia 1 and it does overheat in 4k. Specially if you have some other apps open too. I use it for quick b-rolls so haven't had those issues. 

But hey, what's that Sony bashing I hear? Atleast the 1 ii can do RAW stills capture from all three lenses. Name one manufacturer that lets you do that?

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Huawei P40 Pro has RAW capture on all lenses but RAW capture on a phone looks considerably worse than the composite images made by multiple frames and computational photography.

10bit HEIF > RAW on a smartphone.

Sony makes average cameras at best on their smartphones, and to be honest average smartphones in every sense.

P40 Pro Plus, P40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 with 8K, Oppo Find X2 Pro, those are the ones to beat on the camera front.

I'd avoid Sony like the plague for smartphones.

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