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LEICA SL2 - showstopper of a battery problem

Andrew Reid

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18 hours ago, Alfonso A said:

There are also other major problems with the video functions. For example, if you try to shoot on HD at a higher frame rate than 60FPS, the gamma curve gets shut off. Color matching L-log shots and high speed shots is virtually impossible. The lens profiles stored only compile leica still lenses. So if you are using leitz or leica cine lenses, you have select a profile that might not be adequate for the lens mounted. For example if you are shooting with a 29mm Summicron-C, there is no profile that matches the focal length. Anyway, seems like they decided to look the other way and not address any of their F-ups with this camera. 

I guess the sl2s is their answer allthough it might feature other problems.

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the problem with the Leica is persistent one year after this important post !

the issue is still unsolved ! is there any information when this problem with the battery during video shooting will be solved by Leica? 

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Solution A - the battery grip ($999)!

Solution B was the SL2-S.

Not a great outcome really. A quite expensive one for users. There was never a firmware update to fix it.

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