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How is this funded? Mega rich YouTubers

Andrew Reid

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3 hours ago, kye said:

In a way yes, and in a way no.  A close friend of mine from uni was computer game mad, and ended up switching from a Commerce degree to Computer Science in order to work in the gaming industry.  He wrote his own platform game in his spare time (this was the late 90s so he was writing it from scratch - C and assembler) and used that plus his huge amount of hours playing games to get a job.  Last I heard he was a gaming programmer for one of the huge gaming names (can't remember the name, but huge multinational).

The idea that being obsessed with something for a long time leading to a career in that industry isn't a far off fantasy - you can get a career in anything if you're passionate enough and willing to persevere.

The pool of people wasting their life playing computer games is waaaaaay larger than the available jobs. 
(plus being a programmer in the 1990's vs 2020's is quite different! Much more commoditized now)

And we often hear complaints about how rough the film industry is, with how very bad the supply vs demand imbalance is. It is just as bad in the computer gaming industry, if not even worse. 

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3 hours ago, IronFilm said:

The pool of people wasting their life playing computer games is waaaaaay larger than the available jobs. 

Oh, I don't know...  the people who are wasting their life watching TV and movies are the ones (indirectly) paying your salary.  I wouldn't be too critical of their life choices!!!

Besides, if we only compare the number of people whose devotion to computer games is about computer games themselves, rather than the number of people whose devotion really lies to avoiding the rest of their life, or devoted to hanging out with their friends, or addicted to the thrill of crushing their opponents, or to getting stoned and amusing themselves, (etc etc..) then that ratio would be quite different.

Some people got where they are by running towards it, and some got there by running away from something else.  You can't sensibly expect jobs for everyone who got somewhere because that was the least worst option they found, so I'd automatically eliminate them from consideration.

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