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Bull crap marketing from canon


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Happens all the time, I remember a few years ago one of the Nikon books for one of their flagship cameras (you know the small books that they print out pictures that the camera has taken to show examples of what it can do?) was proven to be shot on a Hasselblad lol. 


And that Nikon add about their Coolpix cameras with that singer from the UK asking everyone to take a picture of him on the stage at the same time so he can take a picture of all the flashes... He was using a Canon Powershot. 

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Who the fuck cares?



Lol.  Yeah more importantly.  It's like tire companies saying their tires have the same technology as the space shuttle tires they make.  Do people honestly think their car has space shuttle tires on it?


Total Barbara Striesand effect.  I didn't even know this commercial existed until someone complained about it.  Anyone buying the 70D should be doing their homework and buying from a place they can return the camera too.  If you do 30 minutes worth of research you will determine quite quickly that you will not get the same results out of a 70D as an Alexa.  What I find more of a scam is all the people doing shallow DOF shots with close ups of faces and flowers and posting their heavily graded videos on vimeo.  I would much rather have seen wide angle shots of city scenes at f/8.  The moire and aliasing is shocking.  I can smell marketing BS from a mile off but it takes someone with some degree of sophistication to realise what tricks are getting played on vimeo.

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