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Two camera setups for hand-held film-making?


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20 hours ago, kye said:

Thanks Chris, interesting you're moving from the X3000 to the gopro - how have you found it in post?  To me digital stabilisation has real limitations, especially in low-light when shutter times allow movement during the exposure, although the X3000 is several generations of tech behind.  I really would have liked to hold off until they updated it, but my next trip is before their previous release cycle occurs, so oh well.

The tests I've done with my existing GoPro were with a floaty handle (the bright yellow one) which is comfortable to hold and easy to put in a pocket even if the camera is sticking out, but of course isn't the most stealthy option.  If I go with a handle I'm contemplating designing one that perhaps folds up and doesn't add any real bulk to the setup, or alternatively if it's on a clip then maybe it doesn't fold but it might be super-light-weight.

I haven't done side by sides, but I do like the Hero7's 4k60p output and the stabilization is convenient. I just did a shoot on a bunch of roller coasters and the footage looks good, audio is surprisingly good too. I don't shoot in low light with action cams very often, so I can't comment on the difference there - they all look pretty rough with the small sensor. Part of me moving back to GoPro is just the simplicity of the mounts/accessories, no need for a waterproof housing, and the touchscreen - makes changes a lot faster/easier and I don't have to do the button dance through menus. I have a few handles, the orange GoPro floaty with the padded grip, a generic extender pole that doesn't float, a suction cup, chesty and so on. 

I have the session as well, its served me well, but IQ isn't great, the battery isn't removable, and its app connection is iffy at best - and I rely on the app for framing quite a bit. The square form factor is cool though, makes it easy to get different angles by just rotating the camera in the mount - like sticking the pole out a car window, just turn the camera 90 degrees and you're good. I wish the Hero was a square instead of the rectangle.

I really like the RX0mkII with the selfie screen and the larger sensor, but the lack of 4k60p at that price point is a deal breaker. From an IQ standpoint, especially in low light, the RX0 is probably your best bet.


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Just ordered the Peak Design Capture as recommended by @pryde so we'll see how that goes.  Likely put it on the front strap of my day-pack and have the Sony X3000 action camera mounted on it.

During travel legs I'll have quick access to the X3000 and when I'm at location I can easily swap between X3000 and GH5 as required.  My trip is approaching, so starting to get excited ???

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