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Looking for a good stabilizer

Matthew Marshall

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Im in need of some advice. I have a full Redrock UltraCage setup. Backplate everything and power distribution system connected to a V-Mount battery. Its heavy to say the least. I bought the Steadicam Merlin and body brace. Which worked with just the dslr, well even with the beginning parts of the ultracage. However with the full ultracage and battery it is far too heavy.


Im in need of a scale for sure, however does anyone have any suggestions for good heavy duty heavy camera stabilizers? Im concerned the Glidecam 4000 doesn't support the weight I need it to support.


Additional accessories on the camera

Marshall LCD

H4N Zoom

Sennheiser boom mic with blimp windscreen


Its all very heavy and most I can find only support 4-10 lbs


Ultracage setup



Ultracage backpack and v-mount battery attachment

Shoulder support (which I could very well remove without much effort that in itself is heavy)

MatteBox (id like to use this however i can remove it)


Id like one that i can just lock onto with a Manfrotto quick release plate whenever I need a steadicam shot and not have to take the whole ultracage apart just to do it.


Thanks in advance.

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Another option may be the Varizoom



By my estimate my camera weight is right within 10-20 so around 15 or so i'd think.


Just dont need the arm :\ I contacted Glidecam to see if they have an option however it looks like ill just have to waste money buying another vest and arm.

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