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Giving the BMPCC4K the same look as the BMPCC and BMMCC


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4 hours ago, valid said:

Sorry for reviving the old thread. Any luck with the comparisons? I have been researching this too!

I haven't managed to get any footage, but I'm still very interested to do this.

I was hoping that my before/after in the $200 camera challenge might inspire people and show what is possible in post.  Taking files with more resolution and emulating files with less resolution shouldn't be that hard, but I'm happy to be proven wrong!

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15 minutes ago, leslie said:

With no video challenge at the moment that leaves me some time to invest so..... what are we doing again ?

Step 1:
Someone with a 1080p BM camera (BMPCC / BMMCC / BMCC) and with a 4K or 6K BM camera (P4K / P6K) shoots something on both cameras, ideally making them as comparable as possible, and shares the footage from both.  

Step 2:
Then people attempt to grade the 4K/6K footage to have the "magic" of the older cameras and shares the processed footage here.  I'll be attempting it, but others would be welcome as well.

Step 3:
People review the processed footage and share impressions and opinions.

The goal is to discover how to do it, or if we can't fully get there what might have helped.  In a way we're trying to dissect the "magic" that the 1080p RAW BM cameras have.

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  • 4 weeks later...

In the absence of BM footage I was wondering how much the look the resolution plays, so I made this test (also posted to another thread for another reason).

The method was I started with an 8K RAW clip from a RED Helium and exported it to Prores HQ at 4K, 3.2K, 2.5K, 2K, and 720p, then added the original and the exports back into a 4K timeline for comparison.

Here's the export on YT:

Here is the h.264 export download link: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D8480669_08693060_6462598 

and here is the Prores LT export download link: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D8480669_08693060_6462579 

I'm very curious to hear which resolution (if any) reminds you of the cinematic look of either an Alexa, or of the classic BM cameras?

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  • 2 weeks later...


No, the look is different, the new pocket 4k is worse...

today's test: 

BMMCC - best colors and overall look , a little noisy picture, but the noise is pleasant. Moire problem. But overall he is the winner! (Slowmo 60p) 

at ISO 400 is slightly cleaner in the shadows. (Native is 800) . It is not a modern clear picture, but as a best film emulation.

BMPCC (orig) - same as BMMCC but only 30p (a little more noise and moire than BMMCC)

BMPCC4K - worse colors and overall picture is shifted to yellow-red?  sharp highlights rolloff ? the picture is far more difficult to correct and color than the old pocket ?

the picture is cleaner , but it gets a "video look" ,  The shape of the body is terrible.  I gave a second chance and really didn't ... I put it back.

GH5 - The best tool for run & shot - Worse colors than BMPCC4K but not much, excelent IBIS ! , battery life, adjustable display and viewfinder. Very economical codec for all day shooting. It's a winner if you need quick and comfortable shooting.  It is a modern clear picture. Winner for RUN & GUN Shooting


So everything stays the same, I keep GH5 for modern picture style, BMMCC for film emulation project. IMG_3416.thumb.jpg.438f7920173750542318ce37a31331f8.jpg

BMPCC4K - not necessary ?


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3 hours ago, tonysss said:

No, the look is different, the new pocket 4k is worse...

......straight out of camera....  BUT, this thread is about what can be done IN POST to make P4K / P6K look like the BMMCC.

Any chance you can share the footage you have taken and let us have a go at matching it?

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