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The best adapter for non-native glass on MFT


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Now P4K is out and it is rather easy to figure out that manual focus is the only way to go alongside this camera, also time to explore the best route to go other than native glass:














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32 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

Now P4K is out and it is rather easy to understand manual focus is the only way to go alongside this camera

I have to say that I'm not sure that it actually is that easy to understand why manual focus is the only way to go.

The AF adapters don't just work with the two major MFT camera makers but also with the MFT mount JVC LS300, so I don't really get why BM can't get them to work?

Or why no one seems that bothered about it either.

Does the camera offer the greatest AF options in the world anyway? No, of course not but its quite adequate especially the area touch focus function.

In addition, the throw in manual focus mode on a lot of the lenses that people would be looking to adapt is often very limited so its a bit of a pain to work with them like that.

If BM have no intention of changing this in a later release (and the fact that no one seems bothered about it suggests they probably won't) then I'd say the Aputure device would be the one to get if you can get hold of one as it gives you a bit more precise control of those lenses and of course is the only one to allow any sort of hands off control when it is on a gimbal.  In addition, as it does slightly less reduction than the others it makes it far less prone to vignetting on APS-C lenses.

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3 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

Sorry, but have no time to watch all those videos, what is the consensus?

My friend in Canada received a couple of days ago the Aputure Dec for me. Now I have to go to ?? and bring it back to ??!

Man, if you need I can bring to Europe from US : -)

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I've got the viltrox m43 to eos.I have an MB EOS to Sony and although I can't compare them directly they are both about the same in terms of performance I'd say and I'm not tempted to upgrade to an MB. Even if they sort out AF on these adapters I don't see the point as the AF action is only good enough for obtaining focus prior to shooting as it's hunting behaviour is no use when you are shooting.

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53 minutes ago, MurtlandPhoto said:

I just got the Aputure LensRegain for my Pocket 4K. Will report back when I've done some testing. I already have the Metabones XL and Viltrox and I love them. I got the LensRegain for a lightweight remote focus solution for my shoulder rig. Initial testing has been very good.

Please do! Thanks.

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