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  1. Shot some action footage at an airsoft military simulation event. BRAW 8:1, a bunch of 120FPS. A bunch of great shots, combined with some decent but all over the map color grades. Panasonic 12-35mm for the whole piece. Variable ND. Crazy grade all over the place, didn't put too much work into it besides making it look varied.
  2. In the past two weeks at some point, my camera has started emitting a high pitch noise from inside, which my mic and shotgun mic both pick up. Anyone else had this happen? I'm going to have to contact BMD about getting it fixed.
  3. Quick little cocktail promo I threw together with the Lumix 12-35mm on it. Variable ND.
  4. I'm running the Viltrox currently, but the Lens Regain looks interesting, it's price is so solid and it'll bring my Canon Rokinon Cine DS lenses a bit closer to where I'd like them to be in regards to equivalent lens mm.
  5. The small HD focus monitor is fantastic, great options, touchscreen, great price as well.
  6. Some cinematic airsoft footage I shot at our local field. Trying out a new series for the channel. Still figuring out the Glidecam quirks but I'm going to be using the Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 for most of this stuff from now on instead of the Rokinon Cine DS lenses. Cheaper, no need to switch lenses, and the OIS will help out with that jitter. Ran this mostly as a camera test, there are going to be some narrative changes in future videos.
  7. Who cares? As long as he enjoys doing it, then who gives a shit? So what there's a ton of them? They are fun to shoot and edit for a lot of people. There will be plenty more non-slow motion projects coming out in the near future. The fact that he'd get even less noise if he was shooting at 24fps should say a fair amount about this camera.
  8. Really? Don't shame folks on here, this guy did nothing too you. That's low bro.
  9. That's a very interesting idea, let me try that later when I get home with the chip and Viltrox adapter without a lens on it and see if there's something interesting happening. I'm also going to handhold the Viltrox tight to the body as well so there's no margin for error between the adapter the camera. Thanks for the input, much appreciated!
  10. That's the weird part. I'm using the Glidecam as I normally would, one hand lightly steering, the other taking the weight. I'm fairly light on my feet, so there's no jarring movement like the video shows there is, it should at least be a "floaty" matching my footsteps. This makes me think the bit of play on the adapter and the weight of the metabones is shifting as the camera weight shifts ever so slightly, making it seem like a "hard step". I also put my camera on the ground yesterday and gently pushed down on the Rokinon Lens while mounted, there is a bit of flex there too, as I could see my focus points shift. I wonder if the lens mount isn't as secure as thought. I've got my 8Sinn Metabones support coming in this week, fingers crossed that solves the issue. I was thinking maybe this is a common problem for people with a metabones+heavy lens without support.
  11. I've got some weird JITTER in my video. I shot this on Sunday, using the Rokinon Cine DS with Viltrox .71x Speedbooster on a Glidecam HD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltwGuwZGWJw I'm going to assume this is because I don't have a Speedbooster support yet, and there's a tiny bit of rotation on the lens mount for it because it's not screwed in to a supprt. The lenses are also a fair amount of weight and I think it might also just be a bit of flex on the camera+mount. Has anyone seen this before? I'm going to assume it's a common problem when you don't have your speedbooster/lens supported and screwed in? Or is it potentially something else? I'm going to try it with the 25mm Panasonic lens (super light) I have and see if there's a similar situation, but thought I'd check in here as well. Thanks in advance! You are a fantastic community and I'm glad to be here!
  12. Did some first camera tests with the BMPCC4K here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Just got the camera, my first proper test was at an early morning Stanley Park, BC, Canada. Brand new Rokinon Cine DS Lenses got put to the test on a Glidecam HD 2000. Bit rusty on it but I haven't quite gotten the BMPCC 4K to efficiently be mounted to the Ronin-S. I am fairly new to actual color correction, I haven't done much here, I was just messing around. I know it's not great. GEAR: - Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K - Glidecam HD 2000 - Rokinon Cine DS 24mm, 35mm, 85mm Lenses (Canon EF) - Viltrox .71x (Canon EF to M43 Speedbooster) - Hoya 77mm Variable ND Filter
  13. I'm curious about the footage I shot this morning. Shot in 4K 3:1, but the footage has a strong RGB grain to it in Devinci. I exposed the footage as bright as I could without blowing anything out. Is something else wrong here? Or is this just more normal for 4K footage? There wasn't a lot of contrast this earlier, but I definitely keep things to the right. I've included a couple DNGs. A002_09272137_C010_000072.dng A002_09272135_C008_000082.dng
  14. Some RAW 3:1 .dng files from my test shooting yesterday. Fairly run and gun, didn't realize I was shooting in 60p, woops. Video is quite where I want it, but thought y'all might want to mess with some new pics. A002_09250617_C023_000102.dng A002_09250629_C032_000103.dng A002_09250630_C033_000042.dng A002_09250737_C052_000064.dng A002_09250739_C055_000863.dng A002_09250741_C057_000123.dng A002_09250743_C060_000161.dng
  15. I did yes. For the most part I've been getting stuff from under a week from them. Ordered my SSD holder last Friday, should be here tomorrow or the next day. I just put in an order for their BMPCC4K Metabones Support (which I was actually talking about in the video but messed up by making it sound like I was talking about the adapter itself), as the 8Sinn Universal Metabones Support doesn't work on this cage. Should be here next week I think.
  16. Threw together a quick video about the 8Sinn FULL CAGE First Impressions. I don't normally do these types of videos, it was shot on my Pixel 2. Used a LAV. Pretty basic. https://youtu.be/eNFf2B4tCnY
  17. I think he means there's some light warp stabilizer added to it in post.
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