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Canon FF mirrorless is coming


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52 minutes ago, Robert Collins said:

The fact that there is an RF adapter for the M mount points to the fact that the flange distance is going to be pretty long - most probably they are sticking with the 44mm of the EF mount so there is no need of an adapter for EF lenses. Nice lens specs.

Are we sure it isn't the other way around? I don't see if it is 44mm like the ef why even create a new mount? Why not just use Ef lenses?

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I saw this at B&Hphoto today and it pretty much sums up why Canon will dominate in mirrorless.... You see it lists the top 3 'best sellers' in FE lenses. Never mind that the 28-75

https://www.canonrumors.com/we-were-wrong-all-of-your-canon-mirrorless-dreams-are-likely-coming-true-soon/ Well 28mpx FF sensor and 4K for 1900$.  Sounds like Nikon Z6 with better AF is here

sounds awfully similar to the spec of M5 II rumor 

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18 minutes ago, Yurolov said:

Are we sure it isn't the other way around? I don't see if it is 44mm like the ef why even create a new mount? Why not just use Ef lenses?

Because the new mount will use a combination of ospdaf and cdaf which needs new lens motors to work efficiently. The existing EF lenses are designed with motors solely for pdaf. They will work fine on the new mount but wont be as fast as combination cfaf/ospdaf lenses. Also the existing pdaf EF lenses are unlikely to work as well with ospdaf as an existing dedicated pdaf array that you get on a dslr especially in lowlight - that is because the pdaf sensors cant be made as large on the sensor as off the sensor in a dedicated array.

It cant really be the other way round as the ef-m flang distance to sensor is 18mm - a 1cm adapter would put it 8mm away.

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21 hours ago, mercer said:

So, if the rumors are true, it looks like Canon followed in Nikon’s footsteps and are introducing a new mount called RF for their rumored upcoming FF mirrorless. The rumor states the camera will called the EOS-R. 

A new mount seems like a very dumb idea for them, as it means abandoning EF-M! (can't it do FF??)

Would mean starting from scratch, and leaving their many EF-M owners stranded. 

I can't see them doing that. 

Not unless the EF-M mount can't support FF (which would have been a dumb dumb mistake indeed!), and/or if they're doing a big bold gamble such as a new mount which can support both FF and MF! :-o (however having no entry level APS-C cameras for the bulk of their sales and for newbies to dip their toes in, would likely be a far too risky strategy)



20 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

They have a patent for a mount that takes both EF and M mount lenses.

Whether this is it remains to be seen as they and others obviously have tons of patents that don't end up in actual products such as Sigma's patent for foveon video and my slightly less far fetched one for an autopilot system for unicorns.

That infringes upon my patent for autodriving flying pigs!

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