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Canon EOS M50 - an accidental 4K Digital Bolex

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It's ok I wasn't attacking it just letting Shell64 know not to expect too much - it is still very soft.

I had an m50 and tried using it exactly as you say as a b-cam to the c100 and the difference in quality and sharpness is pretty jarring. I found the good old Panasonic GH2 worked better when cutting between the 2. I haven't used a G7 but would imagine it is a fair amount sharper than the m50

In 4k it was sharper but still below the c100s hd, and the crop and RS are pretty considerable. But a fun camera for what it is and if it had ML I would still own one 

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Here’s my video review on the speed booster I got from a previous thread. Just posting here so we don’t have multiple M50 threads.  Speed booster really solves the issues with the 4K crop. I wish

It's 2018 and a good video feature arrives on a Canon EOS! I immediately assume it's an accident, so taunt is Canon holding the leash on performance. The 6D Mark II even managed to step back on qualit

Why can't canon just do something half decent? I'd kill for an APS-C canon version of a6500 or GH5 etc... Yeah I know why, but still it would be nice.

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19 minutes ago, Shell64 said:

How is the 1080p compared to the sl2 or 70d?  Is it really that bad?  

The 1080p is good although it has some moire which for me makes it unusable . It's very hard to find a good camera with solid 1080p, other than A7S or GH4/5. I would prefer a softer 1080p without moiré or false color. Those are quite distracting.

11 minutes ago, ade towell said:

In 4k it was sharper but still below the c100s hd

Not true

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On 5/29/2018 at 9:52 AM, webrunner5 said:

Now none of the A7 series cameras over heat anymore. You can buy a original A7 or a A7s for less than 1000 bucks all day. Cheaper than a A6500, even a A6300 at times. And the 1080p is killer in the A7s. And it sucks in the A6300, A6500. But 4k is Killer in the A6500. Plus you are talking FF here also, with the ability to use the crop thingy.

While not quite as cheap as the original A7, the A7II offers 50mbit/s XAVC-S format. To my eyes, XAVC-S at that bit rate more or less looks like what 4K does after being downsampled to 1080p. So while you don't get 4K with the A7 or its successor, you do get video that looks better and has a substantially higher bit rate than typical AVCHD cameras can offer.


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On 8/9/2018 at 10:46 PM, Andrew Reid said:

They were unwilling.

This is the company that brought out the 5D III originally with no 1080p HDMI output, claiming the hardware was unable.

Then they magically enabled it in firmware later.

Well, if what we are seeing in the Magic Lantern (ML) camp with their EOS M cameras now being able to output 5K video after installing the ML software is any indication, then all of the features (e.g., 4K, 1080p HDMI output, etc.) were already there and baked into the firmware all along. And Canon were simply hiding them from their customers.

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Just saw this review. Thanks! Gorgeous color! And happy to see Super 16-style given a boost. There are probably equally good deals with new gear such as the Olympus you review, but I much appreciate Canon's color science, even if they are fuddy-duddy with pushing their tech to where it should be...

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Found this thread while researching the M50. 

This camera seems to be the cheapest canon mirrorless that will work as a webcam through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

Have anyone used this as a webcam? Does anyone know if you stream and record locally at the same time?

The price has dropped below 500 with with the kit lens. 


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