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  1. Just saw this review. Thanks! Gorgeous color! And happy to see Super 16-style given a boost. There are probably equally good deals with new gear such as the Olympus you review, but I much appreciate Canon's color science, even if they are fuddy-duddy with pushing their tech to where it should be...
  2. I imagine that you have to think of any big production as part of a very well established camera ecosystem. The camera, lens, whether you use film or video etc can not be isolated choices. Arri, which has been around since the silent era, very purposely made the Alexa so that it can be interchanged with (film-based) Arricams almost without notice - all the bits of gear that make it work (gears, flags, matte boxes) are widely availabe and second nature to a practised camera crew. You can find crews around the world that will know how to work such standard 35mm-like gear. While RED has made
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