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  1. A medium format lens on a 35mm sensor does not give the medium format look. It will still look as 35mm. Eventually it may give the rendering typical of the brand of lens you are using, which will be less boring than any canon look, but that is still ar from the look of the MF. You do not get the typical MF look even on an Hasselblad or Phase system if you do not use some of the 50 or + megapixel backs, which have a quasi 645 sensor size. The rest of the bunch is just in between MF and 35mm. And precisely this new Sony sensor is of the smallish kind, which is just a bit larger than a 35mm sensor.
  2. He does not know. He is just trying to give credit to his educated guess (very likely right guess though).
  3. Not mentioning extracting the frames for the stills. I remember shooting an editorial for a fashion magazine in the early 2000. We used a video camera because I wanted the pixelate look on the images. I shot all together less than an hour of video footage and it took 2 long hours days to decide which frames to pick for 10 images. Shooting on a still camera would have required 2/3 hours of editing.
  4. Russians were not any better than the opponent.
  5. For 3 grands is plenty good. It offer a range of features that DSLR do not have. With the right adapter you can use the lenses that you already have, add the rig you use already on your dslr and you are all set. The skin tones on your test looks beautiful. On other tests that i saw, the dynamic range lacks a little and the highlights roll off leave a bit to be desired. Yet you can get a great look. For 3 grands, there is quite a lot to work with. Ergonomics are a good topic when you write a review, but on real life, you get on and get the job done.
  6. After watching Prometheus that as you said is clobbered with CGI, I also watched the Counselor and although it looks pretty good visually I am still wondering why Ridley Scott has not dumped those Red cameras and picked up Alexa. Especially for the landscapes, the interiors scenes in available light, not mentioning the night scenes in total dark in The Counselor, the Alexa should have been a no brainer.
  7. They are used in little bits here and there, when a smaller rig is needed. I guess EOS are the best crash cams of choice.
  8. On the last 18 months, I have been watching movies made with Alexa, Sony f55 and Red cameras. Over all the best productions are picking the Alexa, if we exclude David finch and Ridley Scott, most of the best looking movies are made with Alexa and sometime f65. The reason why the best movie making productions pick Alexa is because over all ARRI is a better and more reliable company than RED. Probably also because they are more familiar on dealing with ARRI from the film days. I do not think is just a matter of image quality from the camera, (personally I like Alexa the best) but it is the over all production package (including the post) that make the best looking movies. It happens that they pick the Alexa.
  9. The short answer should have been: Because is quickly becoming the new normal. And much quicker than even the host was imagining, since he could not realize that 4k TV were costing already 3/4000 usd when he was assuming they were 20k. 4k playback devices will be blooming all over the place on the next few months. The new Sony 4k player is costing only 700 USd like a good Blue ray player. The Koreans will do some cheaper version very soon. Fiber optics in Asian countries is almost a standard at home, in Tokyo cost only 30 dollars per month , including 2 phones lines. To deal with 4k footage all you need is a faster 2000 dollars PC, with one or two nvidia cards. Of course storage as well. Big deal.
  10. And you pulled this out of your... hat? reading some blogs  reporting the finding of some anti nuclear expert? Are you ready to migrate to Mars since we have already lost the "north emisphere" BS?   Outside of the locked down 20km zone of Fukushima, there is ZERO radiation. Embassies from around the world conduct daily indipendent tests of radiation on water and air on the major cities of japan the the results are "non detectable" level of radiation.   Sure there is a big problem in Fukushima, yet is a catastrophe only for those living in the area. It will take time but they will fix it, as they fixed Nagasaki and Hiroshima.   Japan sinking... sure. The culture may not be to everybody liking, but come over here and see the most flourishing and advanced civilization of the planet. Despite the problem of "aging population", which is the problem that all evolved countries of the world have anyway, this is the most efficient and safe place to live in the world.   I'm not Japanese BTW.
  11. By your above words it seems that you are simply making assumptions and do not have direct experience with Zeiss Alpha lenses. While I owned 2 of Contax 645 bodies with 4 lenses for 5 years and recently several Alpha Zeiss lenses. Any close observation and extensive use on the above products will prove me right and that you are wrong. In any case I was simply pointing out that the Alpha Zeiss are not plasticky as you stated and are professional grade equipment. Beside, Sony bodies like the a900 and a99 are not exactly consumer grade.
  12. "Why have Sony, with their huge 4K marketing push, not yet utilised their sensor to its full extent?" Well, they sell a few video cameras that already do it. They may like to keep selling them a little longer. I guess, they will start canibalizing that portion of their market only when really necessary. probably next year.
  13. It is a bit hard to tell from a youtube video, but the A7r film at the Parisian countryside looks quite good. Especially colors and dynamic range look more than satisfactory for many jobs like fashion films that will end on magazines web sites and iPads.   As for the lack of AA filter, I think for print use, it makes a little of difference, It may be worth or not it depends on the eye of the beholder. I had a few cameras lacking AA filter, including digital backs, and I can only praise the gimmick. Moiree occours only once every few thousands shots and you get that little extra crispiness, which helps to get a little more hyper realistic, if you need it. You can go through the whole post processing and retouching without ever applying any USM or smart sharpen and just deliver the image unsharpened. It just plain works and looks better. Plus Sony do not even overcharge for it.
  14. Well you have imagined it wrong. The Zeiss in Alpha mount are all metal, even the focusing ring and they feel like Rolex.  Optically speaking, they are about the same design as the Contax with an improved coating. So I let you figure that out.
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