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The X-E3 - Fujis new 4K shooting "Mini X-Pro"!

Mattias Burling

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I suppose the X-E3 is to the X-Pro 2 what the X-T20 is to the X-T2.

And soon we will be forced to upgrade to an X-T2S due to G.A.S and in-body stabilisation.

I think Fuji should have a bit of a rethink...

Re-target X-series as a photographer friendly alternative to Leica M, just keep the X-Pro line and make it as small and light as possible with the nice small APS-C lenses.

Make the X-T3 full frame, with new range of lenses and Canon EF adapters with proper AF. And Dual Pixel AF. And IBIS. Thank yo.

Re-name the cheaper cameras so to not take aware the luxury of the X brand... Call them C or something else, for Crap-series ;)

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9 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

Its a gem alright. When using it one gets why it was sold out for so many months. 

Btw, I can't remember if it says "Made in Germany" on it. If so, according to Overgaard at least 80% of the camera must be made in Germany.

But who cares. It could be a Panasonic or even a Casio. End result is awesome. 

45min to Fujikina.. time to turn on the coffee :)

Leica Q does say Made in Germany on it!

They do the chassis and assemble the pieces.

The lens, sensor, image processor, firmware, EVF and screen are from the Panasonic side.

I dare say the entire lens is constructed in Japan too.

I like this, as I like Panasonic... Does not take away from the Leica badge. It is a unique camera, not available for cheaper from anyone else. Nobody else does the same thing. The original Sony RX1R is closest... But nowhere near the same ergonomically, feels more cramped, no built in EVF and not a 28mm. The RX1R II feels very different too, both in the look and in terms of the ergonomics. The eye to the popup viewfinder hurts after a bit. Q is much more comfortable. I badly want a interchangeable lens version of it.

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3 hours ago, Inazuma said:

What if I wanted a Fujifilm rangefinder, with a tilt screen and bounce flash? :) And what if I want a 16-55mm f2.8 with OIS? No choice there! 

We cant always get what we want. Because it would make others angry. There are enough people that dont want a flip screen on it to make you a minority.

3 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Make the X-T3 full frame, with new range of lenses and Canon EF adapters with proper AF. And Dual Pixel AF. And IBIS. Thank yo.

I think there current users wouldn't like it. And they are a loyal bunch.

Also, they probably think fullframe is lame when they already make MF :)

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1 hour ago, DaveAltizer said:

Is there any difference in video performance with this camera compared to the X-T20? Have they said that the AF is contrast based or phase detect like the xt2?

The video should be equal. Apparently the touch screen is snappier.

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Overlooked it for entirety of 2018 but I now realise along with the Olympus E-M10 III, the X-E3 might deserve an EOSHD Total Bargain award.

As well as the price, it's the size and weight... might be smallest super 35mm 4k mirrorless camera yet?

When I tested the X-T20, the 4K was fine.

I recently also tested the X-T30 and although it is as good as the X-T3, I still feel both the X-Pro 2 with 4K firmware upgrade and X-T20 hold their own.

Pixel binning is no longer a sin. Canon should try it. Gets rid of the 1:1 crop and reduces rolling shutter. All cameras should have choice between full pixel readout and pixel binning.

I prefer the form factor of the E-M3 to the X-T30.... But of course X-T30, although more expensive, brings 1080/120p slow-mo and F-LOG to the table.

X-E3 is phase-detect AF, but not as good as X-T30's newer AF engine.

Review soon.

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Awesome, I'm still rocking an x-e3 with a 27mm pancake lens.  Love that little guy's form factor and awesome IQ.

I rotate between the x-h1, x-t3, and the z6, but the x-e3 is a great little cam and easy to take as an every where carry.

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