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15 hours ago, IronFilm said:

You swapped the F3 for the BMPCC due to the size?

Couldn't keep both? 

I did a shoot yesterday using both my F3 & BMPCC

Yep. Small apartment. Big-ish camera kit. Son who now needs a room. Clearing out a bunch of gear that doesn't get enough use to make room. 

Still like the F3, just too big/bulky for one-man-band shooting on my type of projects. Hate carrying a few cases just to get some nice shots. BMPCC does at least 80% of what I wanted from the F3, and can be kitted bigger should the need arise. 

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The wife's been pretty good about it all.... But we're feeling pretty called, so if I'm telling her to downside I guess I better do the same. :(

That said, for what I'm doing the BMPCC will be much easier to use, and hence, hopefully used more often. 

Looks like it just arrived.... I'm on a gig, but wifey tells me that 3 mysterious boxes arrived today.....

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