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  1. If money is tight, how about selling the GH5 and getting the G80. It is better than G7. I have tried Sony a5100 and a6300, and didn't like the ergonomics.
  2. Another video with the different shutter angles
  3. HDR Pro = HDR10, according to http://www.lg.com/us/experience-tvs/hdr/4k-hdr
  4. @jonpais I have LG 49UH610V, and its Youtube app does not show HDR flag for any content (but other apps like Netflix and iPlayer do show HDR flags). I am not seeing in my TV similar DR (?) as the above screenshot indicates.
  5. Hi Jon. I watched your video with my HDR-ready LG television by using the internal Youtube app that typically shows HDR content. I also watched the video by using the previous generation AppleTV (non HDR). I was not able to see difference in these videos. Maybe the metadata doesn’t trigger the HDR.
  6. Mysterybox thinks GH5s has 14 stops usable dynamic range (see the comments) https://www.mysterybox.us/blog/2018/1/8/panasonic-gh5s-hdr10
  7. I think Panasonic will announce "the best v-log ever", not a new camera.
  8. Must say I was surprised how good HLG looked compared to VLOG. I just shooted yesterday some halloween clips with VLOG, and I wasn’t really happy with the results. Neatvideo is extremely slow, so maybe HLG is the way to go.
  9. apekkpul

    DAM software

    Kyno looks interesting but I use Windows.
  10. apekkpul

    DAM software

    I have been using Lightroom for media management, but I just doesn't survive any more with GH5 files. I quickly tried acdsee, but it doesn't support them either. What I am looking for: - quick browsing - keyword tagging - ability to see the content of the clip Any suggestions?
  11. I tried with the free version, and Resolve shows 10 bit files as "Media Offline*.
  12. Can one use GH5's 10 bit files without transcoding?
  13. GH5, G80, LX100, iphone plus 6s.
  14. Yes, indeed. I wonder why it was different for 8-bit videos. Anyway, thanks!
  15. I have the same problem with 10-bit VLOG. When I press play at preview (?) window there is a heavy crop that disappears when I press stop.
  16. Same here. I don't have NeatVideo and After Effects is slow; 3200 with NR=0 looks decent to me.
  17. Another vlog neebie here - got mine last Thursday. I used curves in Premiere pro. i just set black and white points, and added a minor S curve. looks ok for my uneducated eyes.
  18. I got yesterday an e-mail from Panasonic that my activation code will be delivered soon, although they informed a couple weeks ago that they are out of the stock and they will deliver around mid September.
  19. Hi all. Finally joined this forum although I am a long time lurker. Would anybody know a decent loupe or viewfinder for a G80? I have Kamerar QV-1 M for LX100, and I like the viewfinder but it does not work with G80. I hope to find something similar (or better yet, a separate baseplate that works with QV-1.)
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