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  1. Not tried it, might have a look today. Unless there is some setting I'm unaware of, it doesn't do anything when you enable F-Log. Definitely dual level.
  2. The shutter is the best thing about the camera - honestly. You need only the slightest half press to focus and little bit more to trip the shutter. Despite this, it is easy to apply the right pressure for the right task. And it is sooooooooooooo quiet.
  3. No worries. A couple of other random points: 1. It is a complex and highly customisable camera. I was expecting just to dial in my Xpro2 settings and be away but there were several things I needed to look up in the manual and try out numerous times before I really understood how they worked. On the one hand that's great because you can probably set it up just how you like it - on the other hand you really need to spend some time with it before you head out. 2. Eterna is lovely, I'm looking forward to creating some presets with it as a base. It's Classic Chrome with the low-con look of Pro-Neg Std. 3. Sounds obvious, but this isn't and doesn't feel like a little camera. 4. The EVF and stabilisation are really great.
  4. I'm not really a touch screen guy because I have fat fingers! The silent camera controls are ok, but as someone else mentioned, once you have selected an option it closes the whole menu rather than returning you one back which could be annoying. Touch focus is really nice. Its very versatile and you can set it up in multiple different ways - you can disable AF on the shutter button so it acts as a true START RECORD button for instance. I haven't tried it on moving objects or with continuous autofocus yet. The camera feels good in the hand but very unlike every other Fuji camera. Its a real lump, rather than a streamlined tool like the XPro-2 or XT-2. With the grip on it feels like using a slightly smaller Nikon D3 or another one of those larger pro bodied DSLRs. How you feel about that will really depend on how you feel about those bodies. For me, I'm pretty much exclusively going to use it with the 50-140, 16-55 or the 56 (minus the grip) so it suits me pretty well indeed.
  5. Natural Live View is a bit confusing. It seems to make the image viewed (but not recorded) lower contrast for ease of viewing. According to the manual it removes the Film Simulation preview, but B+W simulations remain B+W. It has no effect at all when you enable F-Log. It's a dual level indicator. EDIT: just realised I didn't see your first question. Yes it can, but it works best on clearly defined objects not at close focus or infinity. The smoothness is also largely determined by your lens choice. There is a setting which I've not played with which allows you to change the camera's sensitivity to the autofocus point changing and the focus speed in continuous mode. I suspect if you tune these down you'll have a pretty nice looking rack.
  6. Not sure exactly what you mean by the jerky thing. It is really really good if you are trying to hold an image still, you can easily make a usable shot with the 56mm. If you are panning with it on you'll get the floaty floaty floaty move thing you get with all stabilisers - lens and body based. It's good. It is generally better at side to side rather than back to front tracking and it likes simple scenes and lots of light - but it works. S Priority is pretty smooth. Auto ISO is ok but not spectacular. A priority is noticeably jerky. No, once its acquired focus it tends to stay put. The autofocus performance is pretty dependent on the lens you use. On the older ones like the 23/1.4mm and 56mm it is not as snappy, precise or as smooth as the newer ones like the 16-55.
  7. Torteloni with sausage. Had the pineapple while waiting. And now to a productive afternoon fiddling around with a camera!
  8. Something light - probably tagliatelle. There might be some pineapple for dessert. Jesus, I have to get on!
  9. Mine arrived this morning. I've got some work to do now but I'll be playing with this after lunch if you have any questions.
  10. The vertical stripes? No, I've never seen that. The Fuji cameras will produce a pink/purple flare if you jam a light right down the lens but you really have to force it. I can remember it annoying me once but otherwise its not a problem - sometimes I use it for creative effect.
  11. No, it seemed very similar to but a bit faster than my Xpro2 but I was in a camera store, not doing my thing in a theatre so it was not possible to draw a firm conclusion.
  12. Could have done if I wanted but I wasn’t bothered. I didn’t try any slowmo so can’t help you with that, sorry.
  13. I bought one, it will replace one Xpro2. I dunno exactly how long. I was in the store for like 20 mins - did you want to know something specific? Yep, seemed good. Like all Fuji’s you have to change the size of the AF box to get the best results for each scene.
  14. Love you too sugar! The AF was very quick, responsive and smooth. But I was shooting mainly static things in a camera store not ballerinas so this wasn’t an exhaustive test. Im in Manchester.
  15. 1. Yes, two Xpro2s, an x100s, the two big zooms, a 23mm, a 56mm and an 18mm. 2. I’ll use it for professional dance and theatre photography mainly. I shoot 3-4 little paid video bits a year but it’s not a huge part of my business. 3. Both. 4. According to the rep it was a finished production model. It should be in stores next week.
  16. I just got the chance to try out an XH-1 at a camera store. It’s awesome and I ordered it on the spot. Happy to answer any questions from my 10mins or so with the camera.
  17. Balls! That’s a pain - thanks for checking it out.
  18. Focus peaking would be the main one. Im assuming that you still can't punch in focus whilst recording? Thanks for doing this!
  19. Ive just installed the update but I’m travelling for the next day or two and won’t be able to bust it out. Is there now a way to stop all the overlays disappearing when you hit record?
  20. Cool review - but please don’t use the word ‘retard’. It’s cruel and unnecessary.
  21. Not at £3000 or upwards it isn't. For me at least. With the difference in price you can get an almost unlimited about of TMAX. If its good enough for Annie Leibovitz, Vincent Peters et al, it's good enough for me.
  22. The real sweet spot price wise is a used RZ67 with a 110mm lens. One of the greatest cameras ever and can be had in good condition on eBay for £800 or so.
  23. I know winky-face but the autofocus tracking works great. I photograph dancers on underlit stages with it all the time.
  24. Word. Am jazzed about this and can't wait until December - my favourite tool just became even more useful.
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