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Mounting 4.5" filters

Tito Ferradans

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Matteboxes have 4.5" round holders (like the OConnor O-Box with a stepdown ring on the bellows).


You can also get screw-on step-up rings from your lens filter size to a 4.5" Round Filter Holder (usually two separate pieces that screw together and there's just enough room for the filter to sit inside).


I've still got dozens of 4.5" filters left over from a package I bought with my first ARRI 35mm camera, including some really old-style filters (like a Harrison Fog 5 filter... don't see using that any time soon!)

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    • By Jacobsanmartin
      selling my gold ultra star close focus at 5 feet, comes with a helios 44-2, +1,+2,+4 diopter set, nd filter, step up rings, vid atlantic clamp. going for $350 or best offer. http://www.ebay.com/itm/anamorphic-lens-bundle-/261587403668?
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      I'm finishing a feature soon that has been shot mostly anamorphic on the LA7200.  Lot of documentary and exterior type scenes but now I'm getting into fiction and dialogue and need to really kit the adapter out.  I was positive when Letus announced their adapter that it would be the route I would go but I just can't find enough footage to convince me about it...something seems off, Letus won't answer my questions, whole thing is weird. 
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      Hi there,
      I have just got a Kowa 16D over the weekend. I am completely new to this and I have read on this forum and elsewhere, but I am not sure yet of what lens and clamps are best. Apparently, the Kowa 16D is not the same as the 8Z, as they say here. I have seen that in a lot of videos people is using the Helios 44 with Redstan Clamps. Is this the best for the Kowa 16D? 
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      PS: I am at work and I have the lens at home, so I will post some pictures later.
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