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I got a Note 2, and I was just checking its Video Features, and, I love some of the presets. As a matter of fact, I found that the presets are very, very interesting. I like the resolution of the video video camera, too. I only wish, it had a faster lens (it has an f2.6 lens).


Somehow, the idea of using a mobile device, to make films, or videos, seems more interesting, than using a camera, lens, mics, stands (tripods, tracks etc), external monitor etc.


I wish, that Rode would make a Mic compatible with Android Devices, too. Also, I wish Magic Lantern would create apps, much on the lines of their famous hacks. 



I checked a few videos from the Note 2, and the quality, in bright light, is pretty amazing. This video is a good example of  video quality:





Also, I was wondering, whether anyone has used external lenses, on their iPhone or Android devices?


I found many add-ons, but, I also found this very interesting DIY project:










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There are no excuses. It's not the camera. They made a scope action movie with a Nokia.



Axel, i Completely agree with you. 




the new Sony Xperia Z Black does 1080p HDR !! yes the first cell phone to do HDR video!!

I just got one its awsome!!

its also has a 1920x1080 screen that is so sharp and its waterproof



I feel, Full HD resolution on a mobile device is a waste of technology, since you cannot possibly tell the difference between something with even half that resolution, and full HD. Though, for people who wanna create Projectors, out of their devices, it would be gr8 to have a Full HD resolution Mobile or Phablet. Especially, if it is Exceptionally bright.

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