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The Leica SL as upgrade for Sony A7R II shooters

Andrew Reid

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2 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

I see less moire than both the A7rii and A7sii and more detail than the NX1!!!

Yeah I am sure you do :D 

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.34.24 AM.png

Also don't confuse resolution with aliasing artifacts. 


But your right, buying a stills camera just for video is pretty crazy. 

Did you actually read the original article? I don't get your negative attitude. 

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1 hour ago, Don Kotlos said:

Yeah I am sure you do :D 

Also don't confuse resolution with aliasing artifacts. 

Did you actually read the original title? I don't get your negative attitude. 

Look at the Image I posted.


What are you talking about, I was all happy.
And what does my post have to do with the title?
All I said was that I dont believe in buying a stills camera if one never ever ever shoots stills. Whats negative about that?
The title doesn't say anything about "video only".
The A7rii is also a stills camera...

Im confused to say the least, and since you totally ignored the image I posted, didn't as much as glance at it but instead made a smug remark, Im pretty sure this conversation is going nowhere and fast.
Im out.

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I don't think its crazy to buy this for video - if you want the option of good stills in the same body and want something smaller than a C100, FS5, 1DXii etc then its an option.  Yes its expensive, and as some have commented you can get a used RED for about the same price.  But for me the EVF is a very attractive feature -focus is such a big factor that we end up spending ++ to make cameras work -for the FS5 you can spend USD$975 for the Zacuto Z-finder, or USD$2100 for the gratical EVF, or USD$3200 for the RED BOMB EVF.  To have a similar quality EVF built into a fairly compact weather sealed body adds a lot of value to me.  The main question is whether the build quality, usability, EVF, option of 10bit 4:2:2 HDMI out, high quality 120p and colour are worth the premium over the Sony A7Sii or A7Rii which are the main comparable competitors.

I have noticed that making purely rational choices when buying a camera often leads you to buy and sell many different cameras before you end up buying the camera the non-rational part of your brain really wanted in the first place :grin:

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Don Kotlos never said anything about buying a stills camera to shoot video. What exactly is Mattias going on about? These are hybrid cameras, meant for both stills and video. The SL is clearly marketed to professional filmmakers as well as photographers. Anyhow, I'm not rich, so I shouldn't even be looking at this thread...

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18 hours ago, Jn- said:

The review is not bad. Most of the cons are about right,  but they got it very wrong on the body design. Complete opposite for me. I think it's a masterpiece. Best DSLR Type body out there.

And there is one other point I think they misjudged:  Leica has a Start advantage comparable to Canon and Nikon in regards to a professional mirrorless workhorse camera. Count this with the optical outstanding lenses and the partnership with Panasonic in regards to Video the next SL should be a hard one to ignore.





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  • 1 year later...

Hi Andrew,

I wondered if you were still using your SL for video and if you still felt the video aspect of it was worthwhile. I am using Sony’s for work (FS7 & A7iii) but fancy something different for personal projects. I have Leica lenses already so sorted on that front, I have handled one an thought it very intuitive I am just hesitating in regards to the usability of the video in everyday scenes.

Many thanks,


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  • 4 weeks later...

I was recently persuaded to acquire a SL rather than a big Canon C series camera.

Working with it for a few days ... it bridges the still/video cross for me.

Still need to dial in color and most probably add an external recorder for 10bit color and a gimbal 

for movement ... or add a Osmo Raw for those shots not on a tripod.

Here is a fairly long poorly edited clip from the camera ....


Password: daysend 

This one was fun ... but shows the need for an external 10bit recorder.


Password: daysend

I will pull them in a couple of days.



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