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Nikon D5200 review

Andrew Reid

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I don't read his forum. It sends me mental.


The ProRes is slightly better but the main issue is that it is 30p in live view, and drops to 720p if recording to the card. So no 1080/24/25p over HDMI from this camera until Nikon sorts it out with a firmware update. Might be possible to get 24p from the 1080i output but this needs more testing and possibly firmware updates from Blackmagic and Atomos as had to happen with the D800.


Oh, sh%$t :)  I think I missed that in your review.  I thought it did output 24p via HDMI and bought the camera yesterday :)  No big deal, I will test it out and see how it looks along side my hacked GH2.  Or can return it.  But thought I'd buy Blackmagic Shuttle and record 1080P24 ProRes to it...  Oh well.  I keep looking for the holy grail affordable camera that shoots great photos and great videos.  


Thanks for your reply Andrew

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I bought one to replace my GH2 but I am leaning towards returning it. Dynamic range appears to be quite good and I haven't seen any color banding yet. But there's just too much jello to be useful for me. Here's an example (watch for the moment when I deliberately bump the camera): 




I'm also seeing it in Macgregor's test video:




I bought the camera because I was excited about the prospect of using my old Nikkor AI-s lenses with it, but I feel like I would have to replace them all with expensive AF-S lenses with VR in order to get a steady shot with this camera.


I'm disappointed. I really wanted this to be the one! 




I tried the same test again but I switched positions so that the GH2 was on top:
This basically nullifies the conclusion from my last test video. The problem was with my test, not the camera. The D5200 is still in the running. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
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2013 is going to be an interesting year for the cheap shooters :)


Nikon is off with a good start. I expect more with the same/similar sensor (D7000 successor).


Sony will have a new 20 megapixelsensor with supposedly better dynamic range. First in the A58 (not so interesting), but probably later in NEX-camera's as well.


Canon definitely has to come with a new sensor. No way they can recycle this ancient 18 megapixel chip again... I'm curious what a new Canon-sensor would bring though. They have too much of their own offerings to protect as well...


Anyway, before buying any aps-c dslr for video, right now I'd wait until all the big players have come up with their new sensor. I'd say first half of 2013 we've seen most of the new chips. Unless you need something right now off course.



Honestly I have no hope for Sony AND Canon to ever release a cheap DSLR with anything near the GH3 and Nikon D5200 in terms of resolution. They have the big cams to protect, Nikon does not.

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Excellent review. I have written my own review based on actual owner feedback on the Nikon D5200. I find it interesting that it has got a lot of great reviews in the short time that it has been in the market. I have included comparisons with rivals and other alternatives, as well as a recommendation of lenses apart from the kit lens. You can view it at http://ceejay1980.hubpages.com/hub/Nikon-D5200-price-and-review I hope it is helpful for those who want to make an informed decision about buying this DSLR.

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Andrew, can I ask you to betray the secret of which method you use to sharpen in postprocessing? Is it simply sharpen, or maybe unsharpmask?
I watch your videos and I must admit that I was very impressed with the focus and detail that you get from the D5200, I unfortunately can not do that (too many artifact appears as sharpening).
By the way, I wanted to thank you for the D5200 test, because thanks to him I just bought this camera.
Yours sincerely.
Sorry for my bad English....
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Make sure sharpness is turned down to the minimum in-camera (slider all the way to the left - but select '0', not 'A').


I use the Sharpen filter. Unsharp Mask gives the same results to my eye, but Sharpen is more straightforward - just slide it up to between 20-70 depending on how much you think the shot needs.


Also make sure noise reduction is turned off in camera and that the 1080p mode selected is on High quality.


When rendering out from Premiere, I suggest to use H.264 with a VBR target of 24 and max of 44.

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I have a D5200 and I am going to use it for some personal projects. I also have a D5100 and as noted on the forum it's not that good for video although it make very good still images.


It did shoot some video with the D5100 and I had trouble getting the white balance correct. My experience has been shooting video with video cameras and the traditional method of white balancing with white and blue cards.


What is the best way to white balance with the DSLR.


If you balance with the pre-set manual do you use a white card or grey? Especially if you are shooting with 3200k balance lights.


With the 3200k lights I got mixed results the D5100.



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Hi there,


I was thinking about heading out and buying the d5200, but hesitated when I learned about the d7100. I was wondering what Andrew and people around here thought. It seems like the d5200 has the flippable screen which is better for shooting video I guess. It's also light weight, but maybe it would be nice to have the solidness of the magnesium alloy body.


They both seem to have the same sensor, except the 7100 says that it doesn't have a low pass filter. Do you think this will have much effect on video? Other than that are there any other differences in ISO or anything. Would I be correct in thinking that the D5200 is aimed more for the video shooters (like me) whereas the D7100 is aimed more at pro photographers?


Will you be doing a test of the D7100 on this site soon?



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Greetins there,

Andrew first of all i would like to say a thanks for all the amazing stuff here... I have the D5200 and i want to ask how do you get this clean image with no banding from D5200??? I'm shooting with the picture profile settings that you recommend, after in premiere i add the "Levels" Filter and i lift the "(RGB) Black Outpout level". And the banding is still there in dim exposed areas .... I'm doing something wrong? 


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People, i got this camera as a bcam, after some testing i must say its just useless because of the banding problem......please....how to avoid that.....i am going crazy....


Yeah i nearly bought the camera but backed of because of this problem. Maybe only some of the D5200 are affected?

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I have the same problem with my d5200. In the videos here i try to find any signs of banding and i can't. The picture is suberb on the tests andrew does... So maybe there is a fix for this baddd banding problem. I also try with the custom picture profile that andrew recommend, and yes is way better than the standar and any picture profile camera have in terms of banding, but it still there! So in premiere i try to lift the blacks but ... I dont know ...banding is there :( Maybe I'm doing something wrong in premiere...  I Hope Andrew reply and give us a fix for this... :) 


And....Sorry for my bad :) English

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