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  1. Hi there, I was thinking about heading out and buying the d5200, but hesitated when I learned about the d7100. I was wondering what Andrew and people around here thought. It seems like the d5200 has the flippable screen which is better for shooting video I guess. It's also light weight, but maybe it would be nice to have the solidness of the magnesium alloy body. They both seem to have the same sensor, except the 7100 says that it doesn't have a low pass filter. Do you think this will have much effect on video? Other than that are there any other differences in ISO or anything. Would I be correct in thinking that the D5200 is aimed more for the video shooters (like me) whereas the D7100 is aimed more at pro photographers? Will you be doing a test of the D7100 on this site soon? Cheers
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