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  1. Question about the EVF. This is the first time I've touched a mirrorless camera. I need reading glasses but when I look into the EVF it appears to be in focus. The data at the bottom looks spot on. On a standard Sony camera eyepiece I am almost out of adjustment range. My regular vision is fine uncorrected but I need reading glasses to work. How can it be in focus without the glasses? Thanks
  2. The LCD is good but not great, it only dims when it goes it record so it's usable. I did notice the batteries don't last long but it's not overheating on me but I am not recording clips over 30sec. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I got an A6300 rather than the A6500 because someone had it and let me buy it at a good price. This is the first time I've used a mirrorless camera so it's a bit of a learning curve but I have it figured out. Made a cheat sheet for the menus until I get everything to memory. The LCD is not as bad, the dimming is a pain but the zebra seems to be very accurate so you get used to it. Few questions from an experienced user if they catch the thread. 1. I watched several tutorials and they mention turning the detail down when shooting 4K. I fooled around with it a bit and can't see much difference. Have it set on -3 for now. 2. Can't find the LCD adjustment to set the screen to 16 x 9 when you are not recording. When you hit record it jumps to the crop and I though you could set the screen to stay 16 x 9. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Thanks for the responses. Glad to here the image will match up because this is a quick fix another camera. Working with a small field monitor is not a problem.
  5. Working on a shoot and I need to do some b-roll that will match up with Sony FS5's. This is going to be spread out over weeks and it's to much to rent another one. Someone suggested an A6500 as a workaround mainly because we have extra lenses that would fit including a 18-105 4. Checked some of the reviews and big concern is the viewfinder. This is all outside on sunny days but with a level of control. 100% on a tripod and I do have a 7 inch field monitor that I can drag along. 2 questions - would it reasonably match? How bad is it working outside with the viewfinder? One video I looked at it seemed pretty bad especially in 4K mode. Thanks in advance and open to other suggestions.
  6. Because I can get the body for less than $1000. This is a one off project so I don't want to invest too much money. With that said I am open to suggestions. Thanks
  7. franklin

    GH4 Lens Help

    I am working on a side project and looking to pick up a GH4 to get 4k recording. I am out of touch with the compact video cameras and in need of some lens recommendations. Need to do 2 things. Lots of green screen head shots and some basic self defense demonstrations shot in a workout area. The 4k is perfect for the demonstrations because the final outputs are 1080p so I can crop to close-ups without do multiple takes. Don't need auto-focus so I am open to anything. For the green screen stuff a fixed focal would be fine and I don't need a fast lens. Did check the back posts but not sure. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have a D5200 and I am going to use it for some personal projects. I also have a D5100 and as noted on the forum it's not that good for video although it make very good still images. It did shoot some video with the D5100 and I had trouble getting the white balance correct. My experience has been shooting video with video cameras and the traditional method of white balancing with white and blue cards. What is the best way to white balance with the DSLR. If you balance with the pre-set manual do you use a white card or grey? Especially if you are shooting with 3200k balance lights. With the 3200k lights I got mixed results the D5100. Thanks.
  9. I just ordered a D5200 so I am interested in seeing what type of improvements they made to the video function.   I have a D5100 and always liked the quality of the video it puts out. As noted, the live view control is terrible - it makes great pictures but you could never use it in any sort of professional setting. Their are some work arounds to trick it into overriding the auto controls but it's no picnic.   The D5100 also puts out fantastic still images especially when you shot RAW so it's a shame they made it so hard to work with. Right now you could get the body refurbed for under $400 which is alot of camera for the money.   If they give the D5200 better functionality it could be a nice little unit for shooting video. Lens compatibility is an issue if you don't own a lot of Nikon lens. I ran a few tests with the D5100 and some of my Nikon lenses and got mixed results. The good thing is the older primes are out there and super cheap.   I will try to do some test stuff over the next few weeks.        
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