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So, is the E-M1 II free from rolling shutter in 4K?

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1 hour ago, Justin Bacle said:

The OIS looks like it is in a "photo mode" when it try to keeps stable, and then suddenly changes to another point. Not very impressed ... 

It looks more like camera movement to me, IBIS has a floaty feel to it, but the changes look like the shooter is suddenly reframing. From the description:

"I sat in an open trailer pulled by an off-road vehicle driving parallel to the path of the horses. Sometimes it was very hard to keep the horses in my viewfinder because of the very bumpy road."

58 minutes ago, DPC said:

The problem is that we are getting lots of superficial reviews from pretty untalented image makers working far too fast with equipment they don't master in non-professional situations, all, apparently, desperately trying to get views. 

^^^exactly, the Olympus Iceland launch junket and those provided with early samples all seem to be stills shooters. John Brawley posted he's testing one, so hopefully we'll see something from an actual videographer soon. There are a few videos in the other thread that have a lot of handheld movements and I haven't seen any noticeable RS.

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Yeah, Olympus = photographer's brand first. So most of these folks enrolled in the Olympus Visionary Program, they might know how to take picture or two, but... video... maybe not so much. That's also why nothing looks like make-up was applied in post to make it look extra pretty. Often photographers have a more realistic approach as to what the footage should look like. It's more about capturing the moment and not messing with it too much. Photographers also think very practical, so rather than using an ND filter, they probably up the shutterspeed. Everything considered, in video that might quickly translate to a boring tv-esque look. Indeed it would've helped to have more people who actually know video well do something with it, because even with the older E-M1 and E-M5 Mark II there were some talented people that knew the strong points for video and the weaknesses and shoot and grade accordingly, creating some sweet stuff. I never understand these companies and how they choose to promote their video functionality, they sometimes do a pretty lousy job at showcasing its potential, a shame, really.

Neways, that said... they're bringing out a top-of-the-line camera that needs to be current for the next two or three years, atleast! So they've equipped it accordingly:


The TruePic VIII Image Processor will boast a dual quad core system with four CPU cores and four image processing cores that achieve image processing speeds approximately 3.5 times faster than the TruePic VII Processor. Because camera operation and image processing functions will be carried out in parallel, transfer speeds and menu operations will be vastly improved over previous models.

[..] The 20.4 megapixel Live MOS sensor will provide a read speed three times faster than that of the predecessor model for effective suppression of movement distortion, resulting in sharp, clear image quality.

And the reported:


It has no global shutter. But Olympus worked hard to reduce rolling shutter to a negligible level

So, yeah, it probably really is that good.

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And from what I read both the EM1 MK II and the GH5 have the same sensor. So if Panasonic has the same readout speed, or better, I am sure the RS will be a lot less also on the GH5 than the GH4.

Panasonic helped Olympus with the 4k side, and Olympus helped Panasonic with the IBIS side, and photo side. Says the Rumors! This sensor helps Oly with their 60fps photo thingy, and help Panny with the 6k Photo thingy. Both taking advantage on their strengths on photo and video respectably.

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