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MacBook Pro Alternative Hackintosh


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I don't remember the last time I have felt disappointed by an Apple announcement. 

If I was to purchase a 15" Macbook Pro that is similarly configured to my current mid-2014 one, I would have to pay £2,276.40 with %14 student discount applied. That's almost £600 more than what I'd paid for two years ago. I know Brexit is partly responsible for the price increase but seriously, this is way too much for this laptop.

And I don't seriously understand the obsession with thinness and lightness. This is not a phone. I am not going to carry it in my pocket. Why do we have to keep sacrificing performance and be content with less feature sets so that the laptop can get thinner and lighter and Apple can brag about it?. All these make sense for Macbook or Macbook Air but not for Macbook Pro. How much difference is the appeal of longer battery life and thinness going to make if I am going to use this laptop to edit on Final Cut Pro X? The whole appeal of lightness and thinness goes away as soon as you realise that you have to bring a bunch of adapters and power banks with you so that you can utilise the USB-C to its fullest. On top of that, they got rid of MacSafe. Seriously? I don't remember how many times it saved my laptop. 

I used a Hackintosh (HP) laptop for three years and it was more stable than OS X Lion on the 2012 rMBP, which was my first Mac. Because I knew in and out of the HP laptop, I was able to modify the drivers and DSDT files and chose the best combination of drivers. I've had more kernel panics on my genuine Mac than I did on the Hackintosh.

If something happens to my current Mac, I don't think I will afford to pay over £2000 to get a new one. I'll probably build a desktop Hackintosh.

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Gotta say - I just bought (in August) a new 15 inch Macbook Pro, the one with the i7, 16GB/512GB plus AMD whatever and I was a bit worried I might have jumped the gun, but I actually think, what with the price rises, that what I got is probably better bang for the buck than waiting for the new line-up would have got me.

And it runs FCPX like an absolute dream!

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There is no "easy" laptop hack. It's one thing to get OS X working and quite another for it to run fluidly and optimally. 

I have built three HackPros in the last six years and am using the third as my daily editing machine. No issues. 

I am nursing my late 2011 15" MacBook Pro and will continue to as long as possible. 

Tonymacx86 is a good resource. 

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This is supposed to be a funny post and it is getting bit away from the subject but nonetheless touches a sensitive point on what a pro laptop should be. 

It seems that iDongle is the new line from Apple. Having the MacBook for few months this is reality now. But on a pro line? c'mon no SD slot on a laptop that is commonly used for video/photo work? 


A harshly written commentary:


And this video never gets old:


PS David if your output has to be prores (and not dnxhr or cineform) the new Mac is what you should get. In my experience transcoding with other programs does not yield the best results, and I don't see Apple supporting anything else anytime soon:


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