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Sony Will Announce the A6500

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This is a normal practice of Sony. I remember since the EX-1 and EX-3 days, and before that with the camcorders we were buying for 4-7000€, one week a camera was 6700, the next was like a bit under 5000 (true story!). Same with A7s/r I and II. I have a specific friend that bought a6000 just before the announcement of the a6300, and bought the a6300 2 weeks before the announcement of the a6500! I am not sure if he is going to buy the 6500 now..

The funny thing is, that to buy the a6300, he sold a Canon 6D and a 24-105, which the Canon after so many years had lost as much value as the a6300 in 7 months.

Mirrorless cameras are considered as mass production items, with small life cycle, and so they are priced as such, Canon seems to follow this with their M series, (Sony/Samsung/Panasonic which are elecyronics companies are doing that for years) but not with their dSLRs that they consider pro cameras.

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Yeah, that says a lot, doesn't it. Honestly, Albert Fast has been doing great stuff with the G7! And it's an cheap as fuck camera that doesn't overheat! He uploaded this a few days ago:

Guess its time to prepare for disappointment.

Oh comon emanuel, thats slomo footage. The 6300 does have the worst RS around, and RS is a problem.

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They don't have short life cycles. A product cycle is not a life cycle.

I have 9 cameras of various ages. They all work fine, if I chose to use them. But right now the only ones that see use are my NX1, P900 and RX100M3. NX1 for most photography/video, P900 for long range stills (video on it is crap), and the RX100M3 as a travel camera (I will likely replace it with a RX100M5 next year in March). Based on what has been announced so far, and what might be anticipated in 2017, I don't see the need to replace the other two in the foreseeable future

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21 hours ago, teddoman said:

Demonstration of hybrid AF in 4K video of A6300 and A6500


Not the most challenging subject to shoot, in bright light. Let's see a small fast dog running towards the camera in low light...
I want to believe that the AF is excellent, but a lot of cameras could cope with shooting this.

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