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Andrew Reid


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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Hi there guys! 2020 mirrorless compatibility check. 

So yesterday, i got myself the EOSHD C-log, to be used on my Canon EOS RP.


And i can safely say, it works! 


I posted a video showing the difference between the eoshd, another profile, and Canon's in camera neutral profile. You guys can have a look and be the judge of it. Although the test wasn't exactly the best test there is, don't worry. I'll post up another video testing out the EOSHD profile in more detail. 

Check out the video here

And Andrew, my personal opinion, that extra LUT you bundled in the package was definitely awesome! I especially love the CINE LUT 2 (shown in the video below as well), which i can see myself using a lot in the future. Just waiting for the quarantine to be over, and i'd probably share more of it here.  Haven't tried the scarlett and other profile you bundled in there, but they do look promising. Will definitely check them out soon. 

and Andrew, thanks for making this profile! 



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On 8/7/2020 at 6:22 AM, Jonathan Davis said:

Has anyone tried this with a mirrorless like the m50?

Yes we use it to match with EOS R and C300 c-log 1 — it works well. The M50 dynamic range is limited but Andrew’s profile helps squeeze the most out of it. Grades well.

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