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Where can I get a New NX1?


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How is the battery life any worse in the NX500? Don't both cameras use the same battery?

I've used my friend's NX500, and I thought the build was pretty good. Lack of weather sealing is indeed an important consideration though.

I don't really use flash, so I don't really care about that omission but the lack of mic jack is definitely a major issue. 

I thought at first that the lack of Gamma DR would be an issue but having seen @kinoseed's beautiful flower footage and night footage, I really don't think it is an issue at all. 

Anything else?

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1 hour ago, vaga said:

Don't both cameras use the same battery?

No they don't BP1130 in NX500 and BP1900 in NX1, capacity 1130 mAh and 1860 mAh = false advertising ;-)  respectively.

As for the mic you should read here @DPReview - Samsung ED-EM10 hot shoe mic, but they are as common as unicorns.

6 hours ago, Kisaha said:

OIS works with whatever lens hasOIS, notonly the S lenses.

Yep, my bad OIS is also available with KIT lens.


One extra point for NX500 if you don't need EVF is that the screen flips for self portraits, no joy with NX1 (they really should used GH4 style one, more freedom and built in protection).

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Yeah the NX500 is a great little B camera, especially good for stills and timelapses now that the hack has enabled silent shutter, which almost acts kind of like a pseudo-ibis in a way as well, since there is never any shutter shock, shutter speeds can be set lower than usual and still get sharp photos.

The 4k crop is pretty annoying though, but can also be pretty convenient. A tiny, stabilized lens like the 16-50pz can be pretty versatile switching between 1080 and 4k to take advantage of the crop. Something to be aware of also is that there is no UHD 24p, you have to go up to the DCI 4k for 24p which makes it slightly annoying matching with the NX1. 

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3 hours ago, sidi said:

From what I've read it did work with NX500 but not NX1 but they might have disabled it with newer firmware

ΝΧ1 has a mic in, so you can use whatever mic you want.

4K crop can be an advantage, 2 camera setup for interviews, wide shot on NX1, close up on the NX500 (the 45mm is incredible for that).

There are 3 cheap kit lenses, the ancient 20-50 (the sharpest among these three, very small, but not very wide, no IOS, not very fast focusing), a more traditional 18-55 (a bit wider than the previous one, IOS, better AF, more reach, overall an ok kit lens), and the newer 16-50pz, super small and light, Power Zoom buttons for zoom in and out (with changeable speed), IOS, relatively fast focusing, the widest of them all (even thought 16-18mm is not very good, still it is an option). 

The last one, is the only one I use, but it is not even close to the 16-50 S, but it costs 850-950$ less, 5 times lighter, a lot smaller, and does the job (especially on gimbal work). They are just different tools, for different needs.

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