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  1. wanted to bring out the warmth of the scene.
  2. I for one beg to differ on the contrast settings, a simple low light test of identical scenes done it for me. I didnt use the hack or anzthing, but was definitelz able to pull more back .. I dont know why. master black is far more important, in low light the +10 or 15 is a world of difference!
  3. looks very nice, what is your verdict on it? ..imstill yet to see any footage on it by anybody. I really want to see filmconvert get some professionally shot footage that really sells it, like they have done for other profiles.Im still on the fence for purchasing filmconvert, as money is tight at the moment. but my arm could be twisted
  4. wait,Im confused..does film convert reccommend to use andrews instructions?
  5. Are people just forgetting they have green at 95% or hasfilm convert just gone ott on the reds?
  6. I would love to see some footage of the kit lens vs S lens. Im saving up for the S lens, but would love to see a side by side comparison.
  7. build quality is also a major difference, nx1 is built like a tank. also it is weather proof and has a built in flash. nx1 also has different profiles suchas Gamma DR which nx500 doesnt have.
  8. agreed DPStewart, for me personally, I dont care about any of the additions, bit rate is the only thing I care about so far as I have an NX1. I am still yet to try it, as my camera is currently travelling with my brother. but looking forward to giving it a go when I get it back! keep up the good work all involved, ..and I think most following the progress of the hack know where credit is due where the credit is due.
  9. Im guessing the video clip was named twixtor, that is where the file name would be
  10. That's my son, he showed me this forum!, he will be 11 in july, ..My little Speilberg!
  11. No idea, I only found out though this thread also!
  12. yes it is, just stretch your clip to whatever percentage you want as you normally would. then go to inspector > retime and scaling > retime process > opticalflow you can get away with 25% speed with the right clips, maybe more
  13. 4k Raw at 24fps would be amazing, if even for a few seconds. edit:.. since the nx1 can shoot raw at 15fps burst mode, would it be possible to get 24fps out of it with silent shutter?
  14. Anything other than -10 and you can notice haloing where there is sharp contrast of dark and light detail.. If you pay attention to circled area while the video plays you can see the effect it is having
  15. I bet you were that button smashing friend that always played as Eddie gordo in Tekken. Also, nice work op, I enjoyed the music vid!
  16. I see that also,...I thought the BMMCC was meant to have global shutter
  17. But is it still basically a form of LUT they are using, or is there some other processing happening?
  18. As somebody that doesnt have film convert, can somebody please explain how it works, (if they were to make an nx1 profile) if i purchase the software, will the nx1 profile come as standard?, or do i have to purchase the different profile for the differently cameras that I have.
  19. Its just for people using bluetooth with androids marshmallow. If it doesn't relate to you, then best off not installing it. ye ol code debugging curse..
  20. quick question for nx500 users, how is the rolling shutter on 1440p? does it fall somewhere between 1080 and 4k or does it not co-relate
  21. done and done! where did you come across the poll, I do not see it on their site or social media?
  22. Do not currently have film convert, but I would invest if they do the NX-1. would be super handy
  23. wow that looks amazing, also very interested in the settings. also what film grain did you use?
  24. I only have the samsung kit lens which does not have a dedicated on off switch. When shooting video there is no option to turn on or off OIS, only DIS. However there is the option in the photo menu. By turning on OIS in the photo menu, will this also stay on for video shooting? or is the camera only using DIS for video?
  25. I would like to see the video without that annoying slow-mo effect. so needless. other than that it looks nice!
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