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Brand New G7 + 14-140mm = $550

Mattias Burling

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This is a Swedish store but their customer support is awesome so Im sure they ship abroad.

The price is due to an damaged box, thats right box, not camera :)

They are also selling the GH4, GH4r and GX8 at great prices. Probably only one or two of each, so dont wait if you want it.


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1 hour ago, andy lee said:

the G7 kicks ass the best Panny camera yet in my opinion , such a good camera for such a small price its a game changer - when paired with a Metabones XL speedbooster makes it a very serious film making tool - everyone on this forum should be using one



Andy, you may be right. Most people don't realize how underrated Panasonic cameras are, especially for video. No over-heating or insanely high levels of moire, and the colours are pretty decent too. Also, the price is a Fraction of most other cameras that shoot 4k and can be dialed down to pretty Flat Profiles. 

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8 hours ago, Vesku said:

G7 reads more sensor data than GH4 for 4k and down samples it. It has cleaner image especially in high iso but it may have more aliasing/moire and has more rolling shutter than GH4. I wonder if G7 has less banding in sky





G7 has no moire , no aliasing , incredible clean blacks no noise fizz , Im shooting 4 stops under at times and it looks great , no banding in sky's at all no banding on graduated colours , it is an incredible camera for the money - andy

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