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Bernie Sanders add "It's Not Over" shot in anamorphic

Ian Edward Weir

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Strong stuff.

now the nerdy talk:

The apartment interior/ balcony and daytime exteriors look extremely like Lomo anamorphic to me. The strong window reflection at 2:40 points towards a diopter being used for closer focus of interior shots. All things point towards Lomo (looks like 50mm squarefront to me)...the CA, edge artifacts, blur rolloff etc...all classic Lomo look. Nice to see it being employed without flares being provoked, nice and relatively understated. As for camera used - take your pick, they all look good these days, but my guess it was something S35 above HD resolution, as the 4k downscaling effect makes the softer rendering of Lomo anamorphic more acceptable (makes the in-focus areas look more sharp after downscaling).

All the night time video/ news footage is cropped spherical. The apparent streak flare is almost definitely grease on the lens of a camera phone's lens or on a GoPro's lens, and almost certainly not intended to mimic anamorphic flare...as it's off axis and easily achieved by handling your phone and touching the camera lens on it - depositing finger grease. I sometimes purposely smear my phone's camera lens this way to give a fake anamorphic flare - but at best it looks like a cheap fishing line streak filter.    

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Looks like Epic to me,as it is grabbing a decent chunk from the imaging circle of that s35 lomo (edge vignette due to optimised aspect crop) and has a familiar rendering of detail... but Amira/ Alexa/ Ursa would all look the same with a distinctive anamorphic up front like that.

It was nice not think about what camera or lens was present when watching first time, the content was captivating enough...it could have been shot on VHS and still been a strong piece.

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