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it is alot cleaner in low light - the blacks are stunningly clean, cleaner than the Red Epic we tested it against, image looks very similar to the Arri Alexa we tested it against - there is hardly any

when you are working on a Movie you sign a contract and NDA ! and that contrat says there is an embargo on anything going out without premission from the film company - they own everything they paid f

Been busy Directing a feature film shot on Arri Alexa Plus XR and Panasonic GH5 . I don't use Sony .  This is not me !! I'm based in the UK my production company is busy with feature films. 

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32 minutes ago, Cinegain said:

I wish there was an easy cheap fix to get 4K downscale over HDMI on the Video Assist. It only does over SDI.

I did that with the a7s, atomos ninja and a ~20€ 2k to 4k hdmi adapter. Worked great! I don't see why would that not be possible with the g7. 

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14 minutes ago, JazzBox said:

Dear Andy, 
do you think the BlackMagic Video Assist could be a good monitor/recorder for 1080p with G7 / GH4?

Do you know any workaround to have some kind of curves in FCPX?? 

Thank you very much! ;)

p.s. (your Natural setting is my goto now! CineD bye bye!)

Get color finale. It has every color tool you will need. 

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I shot some clips yesterday at a wedding with the G7 and I realised that the camera saves the clips with a maximum length of 6 minutes. So the clips are 5:59 or 6:00 long. There doesn't seem to be any missing frame in between those clips, although the audio shifts for 1ms. 

I haven't actually read anything about this. Does yours also do this? And can I do anything about this with the settings?


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So here's a couple of questions:

1) What's the G7 like for photos?

2) Is the in-camera codec good enough for video or do you really need an external recorder to make it sing?

I ask because a friend sounded me out about buying a camera (mainly for photos, but he did say he might use it for video in the future) - I looked around & since Panasonic are offering £100 cashback at the moment, my recommendation was going to be the G7 since his budget was around the £450 mark. Unfortuneately he didn't wait for me to get back to him - so bright and early the next morning he went out & bought a Canon 700D.

Now I ask this, as during my internet travels, i found out that I could sell my 60D for £300 & would only have to put forward £100 to buy the G7 - I have a couple of Speedbooster clones & lenses etc.. that I use with my BMPCC.

Is it worth selling the 60D & getting a G7?

I do still want to take photos with it not just video....

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44 minutes ago, andy lee said:

Yes buy one g7 recording internal is in my opinion as good as in places better than / comparable to red and Alexa , its that good ,g7 is great for stills too , this is the best Panasonic camera so far ...in my opinion .

Thanks Andy, that's good to hear - getting a bit bored of the 60D & the pics it creates.

& as always thanks for sharing so much useful info, much appreciated.

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Ok Andy. That's enough, now. :expressionless: (jk) Everytime you say stuff like that, I keep on kicking myself in the head (I'm flexible like that) for not jumping on that double cashback deal. And my head's really hurting right now.

You do realize we all want one now, right? :grin::blush: But not all of us have one... yet. The build-up is killing me. I got to get to the bottom of this and see it with my own eyes. Probably be picking one up in Stockholm end of the month, heard they have the best prices at the moment. ;)

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Panasonic G7s on the set of the movie 'Pandora' yesterday for a pre production lighting test I was doing , Metabones XL Speedboosters , Gini Rigs cages rods lens supports and follow focus , Nikon 28-70mm and 80-200mm , Libec Tripods - they are still building the set so plastic on the floor so we dont ruin it!!










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Guys do your G7's also break up the recorded files into clips of 6 minutes in length? Just bought one and realised mine is doing that. No skipped frames in between though, only the clips all have a duration of 6:00.

Normal? Or a setting that can be tweaked?

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