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Iscorama 36, 42, 54 & Iscomorphot 8 1,5x


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I search a Iscorama 36, 42, 54 or 8 x 1.5 Iscomorphot. This is often asked here, I'll try anyway. I would pay a price of € 1400. is that realistic? The lens may also have small errors, Cleaning Marks and so I do not think bad! Sorry for my English, I'm from Germany.
Please, I'm looking for a long time afterwards!
Best Regard
Andreas Stenzel
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that 8mm iscomorphot is not a commercial look lens.
it is more art dreamy the design and the age and the back element are all limiting factors.
it suffers from smearing.</p>
yes it is the cheapest single focus option but sometimes with cheap comes pain.

iscorama gives a you crystal sharp clarity.
as crisp and as clear as a pair of starlets breasts lounging on a hot summer day on the
cote d'azur.
that kind of clarity in glass or flesh costs real money.


believe me when you have used and touched both you never want to stop using them ; )

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Yeah, this is true. But I've never shot with a iscorama, unfortunately…I like the Optik of 8mm Anamorphic Lenses, i have a 8mm Yashica Scope. Perfect little Lens, perfect for traveling. unfortunately it has a fault, the edge of the picture is very blurry. f2 is a disaster, f16 is ok. Is there a way how to improve it? Achromat? I have a Minolta No 0 Achromat, no improvements! 


Greets Andreas

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that is very lovely footage you should have 0 complaints..
think of the sensor size these 2 anamorphics where made for 8mm 9.5mm and super 8 and look at how much the optics over achieve.
no faults with the optics.
the yashica is older than i am and seems in better shape : )
the kowa is a highly complex corrected optic with thick achromatic correction.
the yashica can never compete at f2-5.6 as it is a much simpler recipe the large glass size of kowa helps as well.
moller 1.5 is the only thing for you methinks
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