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The Revenant

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Lets talk about it.

This film absolutely blew my mind. I could rave about the story, pacing, and acting for days, but I'm sure most people here would like to talk about the camera and the images they produced, which were equally incredible! 

The way they harnessed natural and practical light was the first thing I marveled at. The use of fire, in particular, created some wonderfully dramatic scenes - namely the conversation between the chief and the french trapper. 

The one thing that will stick with me for a while is the way they moved the camera, how close they got to the actors, and how immersive it all felt. Clearly they learned a thing or two while filming Birdman, and that same steadycam technique is put to masterful use in this film. 

Also worth noting, whoever the focus puller was, I hope he got a nice Christmas Bonus. 

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It was VERY pretty. So. Take that.


No, I really liked it. Some dream sequences were repetetive and useless. Didn't need him to look at the camera at the end. Also I don't really like how that "decent" redheaded actor is suddenly in everything.. but I thought it was a really great story really uniquedly filmed. 

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Got to see it last night, here are a few scattered thoughts. Spoilers indeed

The bear sequence was intense and looked great/horrifying 

I loved the camera movement and the landscapes and lighting were pretty magical. Absolutely gorgeous throughout the movie. 

Did I hear that most of the movie wasn't filmed on Alexa 65?

I liked how close they got to actors, but I don't know how I feel about all of the fogging on the lenses from their breath, what did you guys think about that?

I need to see it a second time, but that did jump out for me.

The film made me feel like a little baby, Holy shit. 

I could see Tom Hardy getting an oscar and Leo getting passed up again here.

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Saw it last night. I loved it. The images were breathtaking as was the action, which had me tensed up quite a bit. Lubezki is at the top of his game. I liked the fogged up lenses on the closeups. The bear scene was awesome, as was the horse jump. Leo did a good job. I'm excited by these guys, the films they are making.

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Bad movie, looked great.

Is it true most of it was not Alexa 65 and that was only used for a few establishing shots? The lens flares don't look like Summilux lens flares and I think that was their S35 set... to me most of the wide angle coverage and almost everything but some of the tighter shots and night time work looked like older rehoused hasselblads.

Very impressive. If it is merely open gate 3.2k Alexa they really exposed and graded well, it looked better to me than that.

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How one can come onto an internet forum and claim that a massively successful film by any measure was a "Bad Movie" always blows my mind. 

What do you mean massively successful? Not dissing, just trying to understand. Certainly doesn't look like a success at the box office: $60 million worldwide for a Christmas release after 3 weekends against a $135 million budget doesn't seem great. Did well with the critics though.

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It's "successful" at being a movie... it should be for $60mil. Good production value, great photography, some good performances. How that makes it beyond reproach is beyond me.

It's completely creatively dead in every respect but photography and the script and edit are just bad. Its politics and historical angle are incoherent, the whole subplot with his son is a mess, and the Malick worship, however visually accurate, is laughable, and pays off incoherently. It's a bad story poorly told and well photographed.

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Congratulations on your bad taste and your sense of entitlement/superiority that somehow derives from it.

Fucking millennial. 

Well that's a first. 

Simply hoping for you to justify your claims of it being a "bad movie" which I don't think is too far out of line.

Carry on though 

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You've got some goddamn nerve being that disrespectful to a peer. You would never address someone like that in person. 

I absolutely would if you offered such a disgusting and ignorant take on a subject I cared about. Come meet me. 

Except, he's a millennial. He's far from a peer.

Who are you?

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